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[NEW] Final Burn Legends v1.10 beta

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Final Burn Legends 1.10 beta

(Why beta? Well, kinda a "before iq_132 version" is (if) released version.)







What's New:


- Updated emulator core to FB Alpha; many games added and/or

improved. See official changelogs for details.



- Roll back on games like 'Guardians' and such.


- Note: this is just a beta of a WIP that +T+ was working on. I went ahead

compiled it and rolled back the Toaplan & Psykio cores to v1.9 for this release.


- Gimmie a break... this is my first time doing this. Besides, iq_132 is working

a version of this too which will be better.








I've packaged this as an upgrade from either FBL 1.9. Just copy the included files over your existing installation and it should work fine. However, a clean installation is always recommended. ( i.e. install FBL 1.9 and then overwrite with 1.10 beta )



at the usual place... (thanks +T+)


Thanks to:

The usual thanks go to everyone on the FB Alpha team.

and to +T+ for leeting me get my hands on the source. Also, iq_132 for answering some questions.



p.s. i hope this works. icon_e_confused.gif or crashes and burns... icon_lol.gif

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