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It's already been pulled from the app store.

Bah humbug! Can't you just download it from the official website and then drag the app to your phone?


You could drag it into itunes then onto the phone but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't run without a jailbreak. It's all to do with th ios copy protection. My phone used to be jailbroken as I have the tomtom app I "aquired". It won't run now I am no longer jailbroken.

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Wait -


an iPhone can't run an app that Apple doesn't approve of ?


That pretty much sucks. On an Android based phone, installing an app from other than the Android Market involves adding a checkmark next to 'Allow installation of non-Market applications' in Settings/Applications, and that's it.

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Yep, Apple's current crop of things can only run what they say you can run (same as xbox & PS3). That is why I will NEVER buy any system that is still under the maker's control even after it's been purchased.


And, that is why there is so much effort put into breaking the restrictions.

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I got it while it was up. Its still on my ipad. I loaded the mame4all romset and it seems to run fine but the controls are way to janky. It would prolly be good with that icade thing but who is gonna pay 90 bucks to play the same shit i already have on my pc, xbox, ect.

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