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CoinOps Thank You List

Mega Man (?)

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I've repeatedly expressed that I don't give a single shit about being credited.

I do what I do because it is fun or interesting. If I don't find it to be either, I don't do it. :lol:

And it's more than appreciated by all of us that you've helped over the years. :)

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Glad to see this thread open again ;-). In case anybody missed it (and to give the topic a well-deserved bump) here is my brief list of the developers behind the various cores and components used by CoinOPS.


MAMEoX / MAME-X / Launcher:

Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, iq_132


Neogenesis / SNES9Xbox / PCSXbox / Vice64X / Xboyadvance / MednafenX / MekaX:




oDD, lantus, freakdave, GogoAckman, Team XXX



lantus, GogoAckman, Team XXX


Final Burn:

nes6502 (I think this core should be removed as it was added against the author's wishes)





Thank them before you thank anybody else.

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Yes I only closed it because of the usual schoolyard fighting. But I decided to open it again.


Anyway to stay on topic, I say thankyou to all developers who have freely given their time to this or any emulator.

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How about A600? If SCUMMVM 1.3.0 is in the next release of COINOPS he ported this...probs some other stuff too.

While A600 probably did extra features for the Xbox, I hardly call compiling an open source project enough to take credit. All credit for the ScummVM compatible games goes purely to the ScummVM Team, no one else.


Also, I know for a fact that they would not want their honorable project being besmirched by it being illegally included in CoinOPS.

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When you say illegally

You mean _______________?


1. Well besides the use of the Microsoft SDK, and proprietary headers. We can all agree this is why binary/package only releases should remain the way it is now... The endorsment a complete package (scummvm is not to be distributed with games).

2. And most importantly of all, the GPL.


Not including, and adhering to, the GPL license is pretty serious. Assuming they knew who was modifying, and distributing it, they could follow legal proceedings against so said party.


There is also the issue of linking GPL apps to non-GPL apps, or libraries. If the source was modified in any way to interface with CoinOPS, that could also potentially open up CoinOPS itself to being in violation of a blanket GPL license as well.

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its all ready in R2 :) you just dont know how to enable hehehehe get over it....you guys talk such shit


Oh you're still here ?


And still a staff member ?


There's people trying to discuss, here. And this GPL aspect of ScummVM particularly interests me. So please, don't lead this topic into usual schoolyard fighting again. Thanks.

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If you didn't know already, mame 0.142 has been ported to PS3! So there are even more ways to get your arcade fix ;)


Mame v0.142 romset (over 10 thousand roms) is scanned in as little as 5 seconds, no waiting minutes here :)

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