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If I see any hint of ScummVM in your next version, I'll notify the proper ScummVM team leaders, and let them take action (if any) from there.

Everybody get nazi, what a pile of crap i can read over here

I pity for the other developers that you are supposed to defend...


please stop this



thanks robert

i'm off this place too, good luck to be a household

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....sick to death of the flamers


Sick to death of your usual ranting, bullshit & general spewing of crap.

Remember what nes6502 said of you when you took his FB code without his consent...cancer on the XB scene...


Nes6502 didn't write FBA. He took someone else's code and modified/added to it. If nes6502 doesn't want people using his code maybe he shouldn't use other peoples code. The purpose of Open Source projects is that anyone can take that code, build upon it and do whatever they wish. Open Source is not taking work others have done, you contribute a little then act like the project is all yours and no one is allowed to use that code. That's not how it works.

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:) ill release source changes....and all is good...if people want it in ill enable it and if aurthors want sources ill hand them to them....


lol goodbye zorglub its up to users and not to you...ill ask them


I hope you follow through on releasing the source as per the license. Just like nes6502 I mentioned in the previous post, you have an obligation.

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