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My Suggestions




Run N Gun 1 and/or 2

Virtua Racing

Super High Impact Football

Martial Champion

F1 Super Lap

Slipstream (The RARE Capcom F1 Game running on the Sega System32 board)

Possible Injection of a few Midway Arcade Treasures/any other noteworthy games (ala Street Fighter 3 Style) - Rush the Rock, Race/Hard Drivin, Primal Rage, MK1, MK2, MK3, Hydro Thunder, Offroad Thunder, etc... games that dont work well natively in Mame for Xbox.




B-Rap Boys GFX Fixed (no onscreen char/etc after the first stage going onto the rollercoaster)

Rad Rally/Rad Mobile Steering Fixed

Virtua Fighter 1 (doesnt load on 64mb xboxes, gives me Malloc error, 128mb xbox untested atm)


Thanks BP...still loving CoinOPS since GOLD!



as wel as a perfectly running ultimate mk3 aswell ^^ i am hoping BP can acctually pull it off this time :)

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This hasnt gone well I can only think that most people are very happy with what is in EPIC and dont really want anything else


:) which is good news I guess....I was going to spend a week or so adding 200-300 games over the next few weeks but it looks like its not really wanted or needed


if there is no real response in the next week ill close the thread and remove it and move on



I know many of us been waiting for a xbmc integrated into coinops which you've promise for the last couple of years.


even though were not posting doesn't mean we don't want it, once again you have been saying there will be a release for years. :(

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After what you have done for emulation on the xbox can't wait to see what you can do with Xbmc. You do some great work Bp keep it up I know me and my friends that I gave Epic to think its the greatest thing on the xbox. I can only guess what they will think of coinops2.

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a vote will come for the way forward for me.....after the first good video of CoinOPS 2 appears....then ill discuss.....what people want me to spend my time on ...I have alot of stuff in BETA but I dont release it till its working right....


options are new XBMC....new coinops features...new coinops packs....something like that.....its really what people want in the next 3 or so months.....

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I'm going to tl;dr this because there is often lots of garbage I regret wasting my time reading.


Is this going to be another version of CoinOPS just using XBMC?


Is this going to include ripped cores or can we still use our favorite emulators with all of their features?


If it is the case that you are expanding cmd line launching to make xbmc a better launcher, I say do it. If you go this route and launch original emulators without removing any features, logos, or the emu names, I will definitely check out your SVN patch or however you plan to release/stay up to date.


XBMC does deserve a neater rom launcher, and I hope you take an ethical approach that wont leave some people pissed off.


Nonetheless, good luck with your project.

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