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FTP between 2 xboxs..


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i was wondering if it was possible to ftp between 2 xboxs,i see there is an old xbox ftp app called xbftp.but would just using a dashboard like unleashx,evox....do the job without the need of the xbftp app.

anyone know of a guide anywhere?

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Best to use Avalaunch for this. It's super light weight and it transfer way faster than XBMC would.

Avalaunch will auto-detect another xbox on the network or via patch cable. This is the best way

that I've found to do big transfers like the ResXtras stuff.

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i personally like to use my computer with flashfxp to do site to site transfers (xbox to xbox).


10mb/s, really stable, and the "skip all" function is really nice when resuming large file transfers.


also you can see what all went trough and what didn't if there are any errors and just re-que those that fail.


just set up both xboxs on a network (no cross over cable needed) either using a router or switch, and a computer with flashfxp installed.

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