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  1. In order of preference : FlashFXP; Avalaunch; Unleashx; Xtoolbox;
  2. About Arcades Systems : Ok so I opted in CoinOps (Sub Inferno) : -Only for: SETTINGS / WARNING!!! 10x11 Pixel Ratio: ENABLED And it is PERFECT for me On Arcades Systems. It is true that it was doing a bit crazy to want to calibrate all with Shadow Dancer Rom , which should not be a beauty prize . What a pleasure to play with -Rolling Thunder in 720 Progressive, with this definition: the fluidity and graphics gives a second life to these ancestors ... -Rtype is superb, -Tiger Road loses some of its "old school"pixel but it is so smooth now ... Happy:). By cons for some newer games, like : -Knight of Valor Plus (scrolling displays a lower resolution compared to sprites) -Sol Divide: (sprites too much pixelating) ..., Better tuning is necessary. If it's possible . ... To be continued ... About Consoles Systems.
  3. Well .. Using these 3 links (*,**,***) I resolved to play some games in 480P and using some filters (software filter: TRILINEAR hardware filter: ADVANCE MAME 2X, 10x11 Aspect Ratio) on some emulators (madmab in this case) ... Indeed, my worry with the 720 or 1080, it's what I observed the following phenomenon : -The scollings were gorgeous, but too many sprites pixelating (especially the avatar) (if anyone knows precisely what it's called ...) I have not made any tuning on CoinOps yet, but it will not be long ... However, if someone could introduce us to different concepts of HD (filter, resulution ...) on emulators, especially on CoinOp it would be very nice ... (*) http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=679899 (**) http://fancyxbox.info/?doc=1&secao=coinops (***) http://gueux-forum.net/index.php?showtopic=241473 P.S. : Thank you to the authors of those topics
  4. For me it is mostly a console that holds the most beautiful GhoulsnGhosts (the graphics palette is beautiful on this version) . BTW: Only 5 games on the SuperGraphx but what games ! Okay well I'll replay on Aldynes ...
  5. About : PCE_GhoulsnGhosts It's a SUPERGRAPHX version ? -Otherwise : SUPERGRAPHX_GhoulsnGhosts Please ...
  6. On hokuto no ken (1) : "Hokuto no Ken Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu", I could run it without problem on PCSX XBOX V21 (It Should Be Able to Run on CoinOpsEpic ...), Thank you , I did not know this one on PSX, but the problem is that I waited a 2D beat 'em all, and not turn-based game ( )-Any way , thats very fun . -Hoping that one day we will see this release on Xbox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZWP3gbxkEE FWI : It also exists on PSX, Hokuto no Ken (2) : "Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu", 3D beat 'em up .
  7. Waiting to install EPIC ... I will continue my requests: For Prince Of Persia 2, I would like the MDRIVE version (which differs significantly from the SNES version) OPENBOR : Xbor_"VampireHunter" (my rom bug at first level/Boss) Xbor_"Night Slasher X" (never found Xbox version, though the author announces a compatible one) About other openbor games (for example Double Dragon Gaiden, Knights & Dragons - Final Cut, etc ...), can we hope ports for xbox on your part, or not ? TY
  8. And this One : MDRIVE_PrinceOfPersia 2 ? (Unreleased) Otherwise, we can do queries on Beats of Rage emulator (like Dragons of Rage [bOR] etc. ...) ? TY.
  9. @Jobo : Thank you for the list . - On the appellation : "Shadows Of The Beast Anthology" it was just an expression to express my desire to have the 3 games together on CoinOps ... SUPERNES: Musiya, bug after the intro (rom corrupted ?) @BP : What is the link on the status of Roms / MAME previously mentioned, thank you
  10. Shadows Of The Beast Anthology ( the 3 Opus ): The: -I / on SEGA CD -II / on PC-EngineTurboCD -III / If possible on Amiga (to my knowledge there has not been ported to console) Also, Bis Repetita : -Shinobi Legions aka Shinobi X/Sega Saturn (one day ... ) TO BE CONTINUED ... P.S. : @jobo, 1) What about OpenBor Games request ? 2) Is there a list that includes all games compatible with CoinOps? Because I personally have neither Showcase or Epic packs so that I may seek games that are not already in the database, TY .
  11. @retro gamer -Thank you for the tip, I will try it ... -Please : Shinobi Legions aka Shinobi X/Sega Saturn (The 2 versions if possible, because different sounds tracks )
  12. Otherwise it would be possible to replace the rom "Koduri Ookami" seems corrupted (I'm a fan of Lone Wolf and Cub) . Many thanks .
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