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  1. What would happen if somebody who has CoinOPS 2 (full build) were to point datcenter (Romcenter datafile creator) at the necessay folder in CoinOPS 2 - Would the required dats be created ?
  2. Have a read of this post it might be of help.
  3. I've ftp'ed using xbmc & a crossover cable - I've got screenshots of my configurations if thats of any use.
  4. I know its probably a bit of a pain but some dats would be really usefull, what with CoinOPS EPIC weighing in at 30-35GB its going to take an age for me to download as my line speed is a paltry 1466 kbps.
  5. Just recently used a crossover cable to succesfully connect two xboxes. I used xbftp to manage the transfers & read through this tutorial.
  6. OpenBOR v3.0 & Streets of rage Remake
  7. Could I have the link please.
  8. I enjoy playing the 2d scrollers like final fight, steets of rage etc & the mods on openbor, but only have final fight streetwise & a recently accuired spikeout battle street in 3d - if the videos are anything to go by it will keep me entertained for a while
  9. Two xboxes in our house, one has a samsung 120GB hdd & the other an mtd 400GB hdd.
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