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  1. XMBC running and the use of Total Commander for ftping has never failed me yet with transferring 100's of gigs to the ol' box
  2. Oh, ok, no biggie. Maybe I just had too much to drink and thought I saw something Still, it is fine at 480...plays and sounds great. Thanks for the reply!
  3. I could *swear* when I played this yesterday it was in HD. I of course use component cables and while everything else is coming up in high definition, when I launch this game now it is popping my HDTV in a lower mode....which looks to be 480P. Thing is, just yesterday I played it and I recall being blown away at how nice it looked in HD. I probably stupidly adjusted something, but what?
  4. I actually just registered to comment a HUGE thank you for this! I have never used CoinOPS period, and downloaded it earlier today (Epic). Absolutely amazing work...and such attention to detail. By far the nicest piece of overall emulation work I have seen in years! Again, thanks for the hard work!
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