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Fuck Fallout:New Vegas


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I hate the hacking mechanic too. I just refuse to do it. it's retarded.

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I hate the hacking mechanic too. I just refuse to do it. it's retarded.


I just hacked my first three!


i used an online video on youtube to figure it out, all the squiggles like ')(+-#'[] are all bullshit.

Just look at the words so if a more words end in "ING"


So we say "hacking" it gives me 5/6 words -that means I have five words, but those five words have to be in my next option!

You should be able to get it every-time on your third attempt and be prepared to back out after the third.

This is the video that made it click for me, im sure hard ones will be shite though.


Bumped in to a queen scorpion in a fire house wtf!

wtf is she doing in there?

Also had about 10 ghouls chasing me down and I ran in the police station in a small room, as i get inside there are 3 more of the fuckers running round a table after me benny hill style.

Blew a young man away for his lucky necklace!


Edit got "that gun" I like it! cost me 900 bottle caps - im outside vegas i think there is three robots and they wont let me in unless I have 2000 caps to kick that guys ass.

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Do the kings missions and he can get you a passport


I just got done with that - I raped his dog with my power fist lol! (quickload have a laugh) I nearly beat up everyone in his house with just the pwer! glove, last three guys down stairs got me one punch micky.

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I always hack. I sometimes dont even pay attn to the letters that are correct, Ill hit 3 random them back out, go back in and try again. Beats cracking the password. If I am right, its letters in their place, not overall, that is correct.


Emsley, your lockpick is -2 probably because of the INT stat lowered by one. Sounds like you have armor or a helmet that has a -1 penalty. Perhaps your head is crippled and you didnt realize. The only other thing I can think of is maybe you are on hardcore and you need to sleep or eat/drink or something. Go to your status and check effects, its on the screen that shows your different limbs, but two options down: "EFF"


As for ammo, yea early on ammo is a bitch. If you have a high enough repair, you can brake down ammo you dont use to make ammo you do use. Or perhaps you can sleep or wait for 3 days and respawn human enemies and take their stuff all over again. I didnt use my 10 mil for the first few hours because no enemies were using that calibre.


Oh, I had a high Science skill and verbally hacked the securitron. I hear people saying if you get a passport from the kings, you may get that locked out glitch thingy.


I have noticed something very hilarious. There are TWO Supermutants who go by female names I have come across. Both are names of ex-girlfriends that absolutely fucked me over. Come on guys, you know that shit is awesome sauce. Perhaps I will find some female gouls to finish my fucked up girlfriend list.

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I've got too much PC shit in the house guys...


I just realized a build I put together for MAME in one of my cabs, is actually running better hardware than my current main PC. I'm now sitting here installing Windows again with the hardware swapped.

Should run this game even better.



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I think I am looking at my third restart.... Which I am not looking forward to. a string of decisions has made my progress almost impossible.

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I play on a 50" Plasma in my living room...so if there was a discernible difference to be seen on the uber-high resolutions people claim (That LCD's can't even do natively and DOWNSCALE anyway) look so much better, I'd see it.


Now a nice big CRT display that CAN display over 1920x1080 (Widescreen or not)...I may agree, but not at resolutions beyond 1600x1200, there is not a consumer grade CRT display large enough that you could POSSIBLY discern ANY difference.


Anyone running a higher resolution than this that claims to see a difference, is a fucking liar...flat out. I have better than 20/20 vision with perfect color pickup, if I can't see it...nobody else can. There's technical limitations too, you ever seen a texture map large enough that this would be noticeable? Show me a 2048x2048 texture that isn't poorly detailed and used at a 1:4 scale anyway....


It depends on the LCD you buy. When I buy an LCD I will make damn sure to pay attention to the native resolution. In fact I have been looking into buying an LCD for years and I'm so damn picky I have yet to find one I really really like because of what I'll mention in a bit.


I also have vision like yours, and I agree with you. This is why when I do buy an HDTV. I would much rather buy a really fancy 720p set than a less fancy 1080p set. For my computer monitor though I would still get the 1920X1200 just because of the extra space, not so much image quality. Monitors which a higher resolution are nice because of this too, but they often have too poor a refresh rate for my purposes.


My computer monitor is a Sony Trinitron. In fact it is the exact same Trinitron as the famous GDM-FW900 except a non-widescreen version. It is still fucking HUGE though. When I buy an LCD to replace it, it has to be at least as good, which as you can probably tell, I am having a damn hard time finding. The other thing that sucks is I like my variable Hz setting on my CRT and I run it at 85Hz. Those 3D monitors are attractive to me because of this. If I do not use the 3D (which I wouldn't I think 3D is fucking stupid) I can run the monitor at 120Hz. Most of the 3D monitors right now have pretty shit image quality though. I'm pretty much never going to get the color accuracy of this monitor in an LCD however.


Man there was some other shit I wanted to say, for some reason I can't sit still right now and I can't concentrate. Weird.

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