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Fuck Fallout:New Vegas


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I find the game more fufiling than Red Dead Redemption, and I feel Im going to take some heat for saying that. :shrugg:

you sir on on crack. :huh:

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What's the sys requirements on this? I can run 3 fine, and I can run Crysis fine...shall I give this a whirl? (I don't read box min requirements, they fit users with bloatware machines, I can run things I shouldn't according to those just fine.)

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They are just a bit higher than FO3. It's the same engine. They are probably only even a bit higher because its a bit buggy.


If you have an Nvidia card get ready for it to be REALLY buggy though. There are some fixes (putting D3D9 DLL in the install directory is the most effective one) but none of them fix it completely even after the couple patches that have come out. You should probably wait until either they patch it again or nvidia updates the driver and see what happens if that's the boat your in. My friend was telling me he has mostly fixed the NPC problem (walking near NPCs drops your FPS to like 5) but it still crashes a lot and he still has a lot of random slowdowns. Check out the madness over at the fallout forums. There are shit tons of threads and people going crazy.


Man New Vegas is only like one small part of the map. Who cares how long it takes to get there? You have quite a lot of game left too anyway so its not like the majority of the game is spent not being able to get in either. I don't even think its the most interesting place anyway.

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What's the sys requirements on this? I can run 3 fine, and I can run Crysis fine...shall I give this a whirl? (I don't read box min requirements, they fit users with bloatware machines, I can run things I shouldn't according to those just fine.)


Seems pretty random to me Cinder - guys with rigs that nuke saturn report lag - on the other hand guys seem to do fine with "minimum" something to do with the directX 9 & 10 lower rigs are detected as low (9), or higher (mine was detected as high which is complete bullshit and plonks it on 10) Im on the bare knuckle for game ATM.

I used a popular DX9 fix (one tiny ass file) and it improved it LOTS.

They fucked up big time - these guys are supposed to know.

I ran fallout 3 effortlessly and now i got a geriatric whooping cough.

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I wonder if I should try that DirectX fix. Even before the patches I had no problem running the game fully maxed out/max AA/1600X1200 res


Is it going to reduce image quality though? I don't see why running the dll from a different location should make any difference on what it does so it must be modified somehow.


BTW What do you mean by you can run Crysis fine. Most everyone can run Crysis fine. Its running it maxed out that gives people the e-peen. People act like if you can't max it out you can't play it.

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Hey guys I just opened up "nipton" any place I can get a good gun?

All mine are wank!

I fucked over the prison too killed everyone haha!

I had to get a temp fix to get this running I can now 'almost' aim my gun with out insane lag.

Seem to be low on ammo a lot too, how the hell do I make ammo?


this version runs no where near as good as fallout 3!

A place for a good rifle early on. If you can treck it, the enemies are simple to get past. Go east from Nipton, follow the road. Once you get through the cut through a mountain, you will find a Legion encampment, just N/E of the farm looking place. Just East from the encampment is a cave... Broc Flower Cave I believe. Inside in a strange lab style room is a rifle, Varment Rifle: Rat Slayer. It has a night vision scope and was my first primary rifle.


Despite the bugs I have encountered, I LOVE Fallout 3 a lot. I clocked in long hours in the game, exploring almost every nook of the map, and enjoying the DLCs too (Achorage sucks though :/) I love the songs on the radio on your Pip Boy, love the freedom of choice etc etc. This game and Oblivion has sucked in lots of my gaming time.


But still, I am a little hesistant in getting the PS3 version:

1. read about too many bugs in the game for some people.

2. DLCs will be late.

3. Graphic performance worse than FO3? (according to some people)


Mind you, I will get the game eventually, but with my tight schedule, plenty of games to play and point no.2 is disappointing me, I will just wait one year for the GOTY version......


.....IF they didnt release Oblivion 2 :huh:


P/S: Oh, and Malaysian and Japanese ARE different. I do love Mass Effect, but i still love old school RPG, and hate current batch of FF weirdos and boy/girl char look.

Awesome sauce! You sound like you were just plain hating on 3. Yes :Vegas is pretty buggy, mine has frozen about 10 times already. But I tend to break the engines of games lol. It feels like Obsidian added a bunch of stuff but didnt know how to optimize the damn thing.


Also, they suffer from the same bullshit every other company does. There was a bug where you can cash in your chips but she didnt remove them, basically infinite caps. They put a patch on it 2 or 3 days after release. Where are the fixes for all the other bullshit?!?! They fix something that brakes the economy, but not shit that brakes the actual game. WoW did the same thing. Sure its most likely a simple fix, but why do they fix 1 tiny thing quickly, when they wait and wait to release a patch that fixes alot of stuff at once?


As for all the other remarks...


I liked Mass Effects. I say mature, as in no fuck ass emo shit. That pretty much sums it up. I like the story, although its a bit tame: mild in content. As for the originality, what hasnt been done? You can "string theory" anything to anything now and days. How many times have you watched a movie, and knew what was going to happen. Who was the betrayer, who done it etc etc. Everything has practically been done. Aliens, Zombies, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Robots etc. We have seen it all. Seemingly every scenario and plot device has been used and over used. I wait for the day I am 100% transfixed on a story.


Since I established that point, when I first saw ME when my friend played, I was bored. It seemed dull. (It kinda is) It was like watching an old episode of Dr. Who. Or new... whatever. But I eventually played it and was taken in. I liked the 'ole Bio Ware mechanic and the story didnt bother me, I actually found myself interested in the Lore the more the game unfolded.


As for Oblivion, I put in 150 Hrs and practically watched my friend put in his 150 Hrs. I have 300 Hrs by my count, give or take. Your right, at first I was wowed by it. Looked AMAZING! I believe my first mistake was to expect another Morrowind. Im not saying you said anything about this, but Im getting it out there. I have enough time spent watching to form a solid opinion. It not as if Im just hating on it for no reason... again, not that you insinuated that. I can say that alot of my griped were related to the fact that it was a new endeavor, a new engine. The battle system was lame, spells sucked ass... come to think about it, I cant put my finger on it. I just didnt like it. I played the shit out of it because it was the only thing out.


The thing that pisses me off the most about these games is skill/stat caps. The game should be ready for anything. I liked ridiculousness such as over the top abilities. Asherons Call and Morrowind and Star Ocean. Sure there were caps but they took soooo long to attain, it didnt feel like the game was stifling me.


As for Red Dead Redemption... Its cool, dont get me wrong. But I like the 1st/3rd:PS/RPG element in the new Fallouts. RDR is badass, but I get bored. I get much more playtime with the new Fallouts. Also, perhaps im jaded because all my friends made sure I got it so we can all play, then the multiplayer turned out to get boring quick. How many times Inky and Solidius, have we jumped on? Not many.


If you got an issue, meet me at noon.

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