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Fuck Fallout:New Vegas


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I just installed the first patch that fixes scripting and quest issues also got the DLCs on the skidrow release.

Im just going to tinker with the graphic settings and see if i can boost it.

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Oh... I see


I still dont get it about Fallout New Vegas. From what i heard from my friends, the game is worse than Fallout 3 in term of storyline, setting, performance etc etc. How can this game still get a 9 in review......

Worse than 3? You crazy asian! 3 is a great game.


Im sick of this, take no offense.


The games 3 and :Vegas are gems in their own right. Sure they are imperfect, but what game IS perfect. I know your from Malaysia... but I hear Japanese gamers found Mass effect 1 & 2 boring. BORING!!! You look at anime, games and all the other crazy fucked up shit they come up with. (alot of which I like) When you have a somewhat realistic approach to story telling, mature content (as in adults not punk ass kids whining (emo faggots) and the Japanese fall asleep. What... do we need epilepsy enducing games to hold theyre attention? Main characters that have TOO MUCH flair on theyre clothes and spikey bright color hair?


You are free to like what you will, but Fallout games fill a void in gaming that no others can touch. Oblivion is a shameful entry into the genre, Morrowind blew it out of the water. Im talking overall, Oblivions story was somewhat better than Fallout 3 (apples and oranges) but Oblivions gameplay sucked. Fallout 3 redeemed Bethesda in my opinion. Obsidian did an alright job, but the main draw is the bells and whistles. (old american/or/English slang for extra stuff) Sure the story is kinda dry, but it is acceptable. I find the game more fufiling than Red Dead Redemption, and I feel Im going to take some heat for saying that. :shrugg:

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Hey guys I just opened up "nipton" any place I can get a good gun?

All mine are wank!

I fucked over the prison too killed everyone haha!

I had to get a temp fix to get this running I can now 'almost' aim my gun with out insane lag.

Seem to be low on ammo a lot too, how the hell do I make ammo?


this version runs no where near as good as fallout 3!

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Despite the bugs I have encountered, I LOVE Fallout 3 a lot. I clocked in long hours in the game, exploring almost every nook of the map, and enjoying the DLCs too (Achorage sucks though :/) I love the songs on the radio on your Pip Boy, love the freedom of choice etc etc. This game and Oblivion has sucked in lots of my gaming time.


But still, I am a little hesistant in getting the PS3 version:

1. read about too many bugs in the game for some people.

2. DLCs will be late.

3. Graphic performance worse than FO3? (according to some people)


Mind you, I will get the game eventually, but with my tight schedule, plenty of games to play and point no.2 is disappointing me, I will just wait one year for the GOTY version......


.....IF they didnt release Oblivion 2 :huh:


P/S: Oh, and Malaysian and Japanese ARE different. I do love Mass Effect, but i still love old school RPG, and hate current batch of FF weirdos and boy/girl char look.

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I thought Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 where terrible. The only thing that made 2 any good was being able to realize where they copied literally every part of the story from. Pretty much none of it is original and the more sci-fi you watch the more you will see this. They are boring too. Fuck mass effect. I wouldn't call it mature storytelling either. It's simplified sci-fi storytelling for people who watch things and do not understand what is going on. I call it Sci-Fi for Bros.


I liked fallout 3, but besides the bugs (which is a stupid thing to complain about because they will eventually be fixed, yeah yeah they should have been fixed in the first place, but this is normal for games now as sad as it is) new vegas is better I think. A lot of the minor things that where wrong with 3 are better now. Neither are as good as the original fallout games FINE but they are also completely different. You might as well not even compare the two. They are both good for different reasons. If it helps you to appreciate them more pretend they are from a different series/a spinoff or something and just quit thinking about the originals. I like the originals a lot too but I hate when people bring this up and its going to happen eventually because it always does. Just stop it. None of us are ever getting a true sequel or whatever you want to call it and we might as well fucking deal with it. We at least got a good chunk of the original devs working on new vegas.


As for morrowind vs oblivion. Yeah morrowind is better but oblivion didn't suck. Me and some friends where talking about this the other day actually. If Oblivion where to come out now with the experience they have with the engine and all that it would be a lot better. See, you have to let them slide on some things because think about this - in addition to making the story/quests/locations/etc they also made that crazy ass fucking engine and this was the first time they had used it. That engine alone is a pretty impressive accomplishment which took a lot of work. A lot of the goofy things about the map I actually liked. Did you know it was based off an actual D&D board the devs made? I'm pretty sure all TES games are like that. But this one had a lot of personal touches I really liked. You could tell (especially by the names of some places) that they where playing some D&D and something happened and they where like "Oh shit! quick! make something up!" and they just left it that way which was pretty cool. If they had made it like morrowind, imagine all the bugs/work required. We would probably still be waiting on it. Would any of the consoles even be able to run it? Morrowind was fucking huge! Plus this is easy to say now years later. Don't tell me the first time you played oblivion years back you weren't wowed by it.

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