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2d Games On PCSXBOX!


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I have been using the ps1 emu a lot lately on the xbox,i dont really like the 3d games on ps1 but the 2d games are really good with some great shmups and beat emups.

i would like a list of some of the rarer stuff that maybe people dont know about.


for starters.

harmful pack.


panzer bandit-plays like gaurdian heroes on the saturn.




rapid reload/gunners heaven-a great gunstar heroes rip off.


hermie hopperhead(dont ask)


Soukyugurentai - Oubushutsugeki


if there is anymore i should know about let me know in this thread.

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2d side scrollers is my shit, thanks Fu......"cough" "cough" links pm me...pls....what configs with the latest build....


ps:off topic just beat Super C on xbox-live with 1 credit love that game....

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Try NEKKETSU OYAKO by Technosoft (released on PSX & SegaSaturn): Beat'em up with great music tracks.


hello stranger

yes i already know about this one as i have it for my modded saturn,backup of course hehe and as for the ps1 version i could not get it to load up in pcsxbox.


here is another 2d shmup from japanland for the ps1 called kyuiin.

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Well some of my favorites are:


Strider 2 (two great games)


R-Type Delta (shooting)


Cotton 100% (shooting)


'70s Robot Anime: Geppy-X (shooting)


Slap Happy Rhythm Busters (fighting/rythm hybrid)


Skull Monkeys (GROOOVY)


Gatchaman the shooting (shooting)


Twin godesses (fighting rarity)


Goemon - Shin Sedai Shuumei (great platformer)


Chou-Kousoku Gran Doll (Great platformer)


The great battle VI (platformer)


Kaisoku Tenshi: The Rapid Angel


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