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2d Games On PCSXBOX!


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Twin godesses (fighting rarity)

can't run on pcsxbox...



only can play stage1...


yeah i have most of those games electronjones apart from say 2 or 3 of them.

@box1694 have you tried it with some of different cores??


for anyone interested here is a complete list of all 2d shmups on ps1.



time bokandesyuo,this was a ps1 exclusive and a sequel,the original game was released on ps1 and saturn.

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Personally, I'm in love with "CT special forces" series

It's sort-of Metal Slug spinoff, with great gameplay and action.

Grafx aren't amazing for PSX, but they look nice enough.







Haven't tested them on Xbox yet.

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I don't like how the GBA versions look on my TV.

Love playing them on my NDS though.

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Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius

can't run on pcsxbox...


Bokan Desu Yo!

Bokan to Ippatsu! Doronbo: Time Bokan Shirizu

IS OK! on pcsxbox...

for some reason there are other 2d konami games that dont run on pcsxbox

parodius collection

sexy parodius

twinbee collection

gikyuo parodius

i am just glad i have a modded saturn as the console ports are actually better than their arcade counterpart in terms of graphis and music i think.

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