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What are your biggest video game what if's?


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Here are mine, no particular order:


There are only two Shock Troopers games.


Run and Gun (or R&G 2) didn't receive a proper console port.


Technos only made two WWF games, no sequels or ports of WWF Wrestlefest


The MVP Baseball and NFL 2K series were discontinued. Exclusive rights suck.


No sequel to WWF No Mercy while the crapdown series is in its 56th installment.


The death of 2D games in the late 90s. So many great games and ideas never came about due to virtually all developers focusing their attention to 3D.


EA sports abandoning the NHLPA 93/NHL 94 and NBA Live 95/96 engines in order to go fully 3D. Personally, I feel more sim-like versions of these games on the PSX would make for some of the best games of all time.


I wonder what would have happened with the Dreamcast had Sega agreed to EA's offer of making exclusive sports games for the console and have the visual concepts make non-sports games. I loved the NBA, NHL and NFL 2K games but Sega may have won the war - at least stayed alive in the console business - had they made that deal with the devil.


On a related note, what if Sega's Star Wars Trilogy Arcade was released for the Dreamcast?

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what if we had a sequel to wwf no mercy im so with u on that one lol

shit u like hit on many of the same series i miss lol but i will try to throw an original thought in here

what if we got a proper sequel to double dragon in 2d of course

a sequel to u n squadron or area 88 for you jap fans

what if square enix made another GOOD final fantasy or chrono game

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what if every weebo on earth simultaneously exploded?

would it be a bigger explosion then Nagasaki?

would Final Fantasy and Pokemon games still sell?

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What if Nintendo made a bloody mature 3D Pokemon title?


What if Sonic The Hedgehog Hog 4 started production back in the Saturn days?


What if the Saturn got announced and not released into the wild back in the 90's?


Where would Street Fighter be today had Capcom not embraced the combo glitches in the original II?


Would First Person Shooters be alive today in the casual market if Halo had not been released for the Xbox?


Would games be more popular today if Hollywood actually made decent depictions of our hobby with their movies? (Watching Super Mario Bro.s the movie makes me want to shit on the t.v. screen not go out and play Mario Bro.s).

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what if gary coleman was in Halo instead of Postal?


whatchu talkin' bout Massa Chief?!

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What if Halo was actually a good game?


What if:

there were actually Ao games?!?! Yea... gratuitous nudity, porn, anything awesome... think about this for a second, yeeeea youd buy them too!

they made 3rd party "controllers" for said games... Hori's Fleshlight. lol

they started making more games geared toward hardcore gamers. Like a Zelda that doenst have a rinse and repeat boss beating strategy: Real AI

they decided to make 2D sequels to all the 3D fuckup sequels that were made. Metroid, Castlevania etc

they stopped ruining games with tacky gimmicks and shotty followthroughs

MvC2 didnt have atrocious music or a giant fucking clown head

they removed HP/Damage caps from games like FF and just incorporated a better system

they made a JRPG without some twirp coming of age bullshit

they made a sequel to, or released a remake of Guardian Heroes! And Darius Gaiden or the Darius series altogether. Aaaaand Blaster Master, but that might fall under my what if #3

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