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What are your biggest video game what if's?


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What if:

they removed HP/Damage caps from games like FF

They did. Final Fantasy X, Star Ocean 2-4 at least.


What if

-Namco Bandai didn't hate Europe and the PAL region in general.

-In relation to the above, didn't hate the West, save a few exceptions.

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I never knew wii had a Blaster Master. I remember Sega had the first sequel, and playstation had a horrible 3D version.


Actually in FFX they added 1 place so it capped at 99999. My friend used a action replay code or whatever and had limitless grid points and spheres. He added defense to all the empty slots and spent like 1 1/2 hours on each person taking them across the grid. The final creature thing still hit them for max damage with its uber move... even after all the grid tweaking. There are ALOT of empty slots on that grid, what they did was bullshit.


Now Star Ocean was a different story. I remember the post game in 2.

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Then it would have been worse. I hated aerith almost as much as cloud.

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