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BP is a newbe and I know whats best he lies


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LOL, that is awesome Bigby!


Emsley, I haven't broken any terms of service, so good day to you sir. Didn't you just post pornographic images here the other day?


Relax buddy I was only joking around. :)

I love you a lot really. :)

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Mild retardation is the cause perhaps?




thread sux




Sux big time.

Can't believe some of you guys can waste so much energy and time posting this.


Time to move on.





Can't believe it's not butter!


Can't believe this thread is 6 pages :)


Stop posting here, and wasting your time & energy :)

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ive heard these facts from you guys :)


1) im going to sell it

2) Ive never released sources

3) I cant code

4) I move posts

5) I ask for people to get banned

6) I create and alter threads

7) I change hit numbers

8 ) there stuff has huge download numbers

9) I cant get a gf



you name it ive heard it....ive proven my parts and created more than you know :) this is just one project...and I know you use them all as i see some of you at the other forums so its lol moments for me..... I just point out that I know guys are a joke with no real life and no real skills.... for years ive asked for you to prove me wrong and heard these things


1) im going to do the new core lol

2) im going to fix light gun support

3) im going to fix player swapping

4) im going to reskin

5) im going to get rid of BP


you name it ive heard it all of course as I and everyone know is just fabrications in there head :) but good luck doing it ive stayed out from doing that stuff waiting for you guys...... hehe as you know its just another lol moment for me....


seriously how can any of take you guys seriously and how can you wonder why anyone can trust you guys


when ive said id add cores...add 720p support...fix screen tearing....fix autofire...fix aspect ratios...do pixel perfect.....ummmm did I do these...when you said you would fix light gun....make your own build....get rid of me....how far have you got....its in your heads im sure but in reality you have no chance at any of it...... good luck ill stay out now...its a dead thread as they all are and we all know unless you bump it it will be gone and really no one will read it :) good luck

I didn't see this. Talking about time and energy. LMAO


But let's be complete. He asks for help so often after all. Here's some french made consulting. World class of coz. Raymond style.


10) I can't understand that most people don't give a shit about me and my stuff.




6) Why should I do this ?

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