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  1. +1. +1 Sux big time. Can't believe some of you guys can waste so much energy and time posting this. Time to move on. Steve
  2. Link for me as well please. Thanks, Steve
  3. One of my Xboxs is soft-modded with 1tb drive. Drive is 90% full and so far no problems. Steve
  4. From memory I think that the tutorial.txt file that comes with xboxhdm lists the minimum files and folders needed. Steve
  5. Could I have a link for R3 please? Still downloading SHOWCASE , on 79% after 5 days!!!!! Good old BT. Steve
  6. Wold someone send me a link to the full set too, I'd love to give it a go. Cheers, Steve
  7. Got it!! After wasting a week on this I hadn't tried to run a copy game as I didn't have any, but I ran one of the baed discs and it ran fine. I ftp'd XBMC to E and all is fine. Now to get installing all of the emulators. Thanks for all of your advice. Steve
  8. After the softmod it always booted straight into XBMC so I'm wondering if I'm copying the right files across to xboxhdm?. I copied contents of C and E and also eeprom from E\backups\eeprom\backup. Steve
  9. Firstly I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to Xbox modding but I managed to install XMBC using Kryzie Ndure and with a lot of help from fumanchu managed to get several emulators running including CoinOps Reignite. I decided that I needed more hard-drive space so I used xboxhdm on a 500Gb dive and all seemed to go well unrill I booted off the new drive and the original Xbox dash came up. I've tried everything, including building a basic Xbox drive and trying to mod again but Ndure won't install a new dash, it comes up with an error saying that it can't rename or delete something. Am I using the wrong eeprom.bin? Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Is there an easier way to install the drive? Please help!!! Steve
  10. Hi, Could someone please PM me a link for latest standalone? Cheers, Steve
  11. Only just soft-modded my Xbox and am looking forward to playig some of these emus. I'm suprised by the size of some of them(Including the roms), until I replace my hard-drive is it possible to install the emus to the Xbox and load the roms from CD/DVD? Steve
  12. Hi, Just soft-modded my Xbox and installed XBMC and am looking forward to playing all of theses emulators. Are there any newbie guides on installing them or is it just a matter of ftping the fles accross? Cheers, Steve
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