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World Cup 2010 Discussion Thread


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yeah it was a horror show for sure.

Lets be honest they never showed up from the start of the tournament.

Germany Played some lovely modern football, we could of been beaten 8 - 0.

People will say "if lampards goal counted" possibly so we might have had more confidence.

No team can play that poorly and not expect at international level to be slaughtered.

I still think John terry is bad influence.

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Well, England defence sucks. The 2 goals from Germany would have been avoided if defence play their parts. Terry should not have been in the team, too disruptive and he played like he just have an orgy wih his teammates' wives/girlfriends. None of the defence can catch up to Germans when they attacked. And Germany is devastating when they counter attacked. Rooney didn't show up, I only see Lampard, Gerrard and Milner played their best and Milner got substituted.


Try again in 4 years time.

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They can all go home to their mansions fast cars and trophy wife's.

The squad is the generation of playboys - not real England players.

They were in a 5 star hotel and "moaning" because they were bored.

They should give half their wages to a good cause cause they Dont disserve it all.

Possibily refunding fans their match tickets and plane tickets one by one.

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Rooney sad. Rooney no score goal. :)

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yah , 100% accuracy. that monster.

I am with Germany all the way , too bad , they did not play against spain which suck >.>

at final , I wanted Holland to win , tooooo bad Spain is the Champion >.>

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But Holland deserve to lose on Sunday. They play anti football. There are few that should hit the shower earlier. I am surprised the red card did not come out earlier.


And Spain is like diva, play acting to the hilt. But the real stars are both goalkeepers who managed to keep out the goals in 1-1 situation.


And of cos, Howard Webb who trying to be the centre of attention. I just hope that will be the last I seen him in a big game. Atrocious refreeing.

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