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World Cup 2010 Discussion Thread


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Now I know most of you yanks Dont even bat an eyelid at the word "soccer" but after all it is the world cup and both our country's opening games of the tournament.

I'm aware that in America its currently your baseball, basket ball season and those sports take more priority over soccer.

Either way This game is gonna rock for me - good luck to the U.S.A :)


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I'm sure if American football didn't exist, we'd take soccer more seriously. Its kind of pathetic I think when they place more importance on a home-turf sport than an international mega-sport like soccer.

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England is fucking lame. I got the feeling Capello is looking more like Sven as the days go by


A gew guys mentioned this, All I have noticed is that our midfield isnt working as well as it should, in that game against the USA we kept punting the ball forward from the defensive line not good. Spain, brazil, argentina will tear us apart if we do that.


1966 England drew their first group game ;)

Lennon was infective, milner had missed three days training with illness thats why he struggled, shaun wright phillips did ok, leadley king had to go off at half time due to injury so we lost a cast iron defender, carragher came on (32 year old) and he looked a little out of puff.

I would of started crouch from the start.


U.S.A Play like they do domesticity, they never stop running and battle hard they are a very gritty side and I thought they played very well.

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this thread is like reading space shuttle manuals to me.

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