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Top 40 bad ass movies.


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I wanted to watch it last night after i grabbed it, but it was too late on so i hit the sack.

In the punisher i think i remember a scene where he throws this guy on a spiked fence then steps off the roof of a building on to his head to finish him off.

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I've never seen Ong Bak either. Heard about it but never bothered to hunt it down.


Boondock saints isn't in the top 5 = fail

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Holy shit you never seen Ong Bak?!?! That movie IS the shit. I can throw it in right now and watch it again...

So true. Personally, though I like The Protector more than Ong Bak. Ong Bak 2 was a bit meh, but fight scenes were great. Hopefully Ong Bak 3 doesn't disappoint.

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