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This is my space to post my stuff...+T+ I only have one thread now you are welcome not to look...think of it as my blog, as there isnt much help anyways... :P if you dont like what I put dont come in....read the first post as it will have release info...so +T+ and waal stop hanging off me...you offer no help....and this is just for me....I stay on any topic I want and anyone is welcome to read it or not read it, I see what happens to your guys stuff no one comes and no one reads it yet you tell me what to do when clearly I know what im doing....this is for me to say what I want.... maybe I should get the right to shift posts or delete them....


I will get releases to release a thread when offical builds are out this thread is my blog...read it at your own wishes...I see alot do....people cant get enough :) ive for years asked people to stay out yet more and more come...they should go the the other projects...just cause I dont think they are suitble for me doesnt mean all of you shouldnt change to mameox as it was the last build I had nothing to do with....I would support that as well


well grrrr thats the user issue hes trying to do it himself and I know what hes done wrong....I can help but only though here....if poeople do it themselves or use other people builds I cant really help :)

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On a better note my xtras are really coming along now...and my speed is increasing :) basically I have all 250 odd games done and ill be choosing what ones I want in now....the assembly has started for the Final ShowROOM build...and it is being transfered as we speak expect it in a week or so to be over

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This thread is about CoinOPS development, it is not your personal blog. If you did not make so many off-topic posts yourself in this thread then you would not attract negative posts here by others. Once again, please keep this thread to discussion of CoinOPS only and take your other comments elsewhere.

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This is my thread....ive talked to Gamecop about things.... you have issues he doesnt.......please leave and dont come in....ill PM you when new stuff is out...you have no use in here at all and never have I seen anything of any help from you....not in years....so you know I could care less if you came in....the numbers of unique people using this thread is way greater than you guys.....way greater....you guys have your own threads please use them im not worried about where this thread is headed....


cry elsewhere about things




post away here or find the onther ones that have died....... no one reads these like they do here.....but its the place for this stuff and it would be on topic at the above thread :) enjoy and make it your new home to check on please

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if the xtras people have issues with this its plainly obvious I was requesting help and it is obvious they dont want to or if they do want control...but they cant serously have issues with what the outcome will be when they didnt step up....so they get no say as usual...they believe its me when it very obvious that its them....I know they dont like things not going there way and want respect or something but I know they are a disfuctional team that is blinded to themselves about things...but still I asked for help and still they stood around so in the end its them that have no say into the events that go forward... but people like cba will tell you whats happening when clearly has no intention to help you guys and just wants you guys to suffer with him.....they have no idea and I know this...and actually they know this....deep down...but still they lie about things...


most sources including most of xports stuff is modded from someone elses....I dont see any madmab sources....so people could help remove the tonnes of bugs he has.... and you support all he does yet say I dont release sources when my are released many times and dont have the bugs....you still dont believe I dont want his stuff when cleary I would have no interest in his stuff but anyways.....


its good to see the numbers climbing....hoping in and there will soon be the next milestone....and I can look forward to new features and new supported games.......its good to see that although there is many haters....the numbers grow towards this....I do welcome true support and look forward to better days

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Console games and Xtras now finished....180 of them decided on for the full build :)


now in final bug fixing from any reports given and uploading....deciding on releasing it now or adding more stuff....discussions going on about it at present....if its decided to do it now it will be up in days

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under recent event people that killed xbox scene have now wanted to kill here and tell people they are helping you guys when clearly they are not....clearly they cant achieve thee goals well and also cant except facts....im sorry all you people suffer I will keep an eye on my PMs....once again im sorry for these people...they dont stop anything...work actively happens daily...


ive heard these facts from you guys


1) im going to sell it

2) Ive never released sources

3) I cant code

4) I move posts

5) I ask for people to get banned

6) I create and alter threads

7) I change hit numbers

8 ) there stuff has huge download numbers

9) I cant get a gf



you name it ive heard it....ive proven my parts time and time again and created more than you know this is just one project...and I know you use them all as i see some of you at the other forums so its lol moments for me..... I just point out that I know guys are a joke with no real life and no real skills.... for years ive asked for you to prove me wrong and heard these things


1) im going to do the new core lol

2) im going to fix light gun support

3) im going to fix player swapping

4) im going to reskin

5) im going to get rid of BP


you name it ive heard it all of course as I and everyone know is just fabrications in there head but good luck doing it ive stayed out from doing that stuff waiting for you guys...... hehe as you know its just another lol moment for me....


seriously how can any of take you guys seriously and how can you wonder why anyone can trust you guys




once again you should tell these people to there face what you think.... and yes it is all good for me as it gives me breathing space to contiune on stuff unhindered as I no longer have to talk flamers...


im sorry that many people have taken it upon them selves to slow down development and off no help...and tell everyone that it is helpfull...clearly it has not helped me at all and only works to slow things down...im sure there are many reasons for this stuff


But to all the new people welcome once again this is moving forward in more ways than you know :)

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