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CoinOps reignite showcase < compatible? > Final Burn Legends


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lol ^_^ awsome answer

My answer's better than your's Britney. He came here for advice on emulators, not to get sucked into a game of 'My emus better than yours'. You can't compare CoinOps to FBL saying it's awesome and FBL isn't based on the number of games it plays. Of course it plays more. CoinOps is MAME, FBL is Final Burn. They're two different things. Final Burn doesn't play as many games as MAME, so the same goes for their Xbox ports. I would think you'd know this. Or did you think that FBL was a MAME port?


So, like I said, your choice of Xbox port comes down to what games you actually want to play. Newer romsets are more accurate, so like Nes said,


If you want to play CPS1, CPS2, Cave, Psykio, Konami, Sega, or Neo Geo then you will want to use FBL. Anything else, use CoinOPS.

This is a perfectly fair assessment. If however you want to play everything without limits, MAME on your PC is the only choice.

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lol use FBL as your emulator if you want NeoGeo CPS1 and 2 emulation if you actually want arcade games from across the time theres only one choice for me and thats why I stick with it....you wont notice much compromise maybe just a tiny bit in a few places for the vast amount of extra top games you can run on the XBOX...(PS it emulates so many newer top games as well like Boogie Wings...Night Slashers...Oman etc thanks to iq and also Vassara 1 Vassara 2 ... actually the list goes on and on of newer top games that will run....)



Hmmmm well PC go mame for sure....although I dont think you asked about PC emulation?

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A lot of new members get that feeling around here in the Xbox section. It's a real problem. It doesn't happen when people ask questions in the other sections, I wonder why that is? ^_^

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CoinOps reignite showcase < compatible? > Final Burn Legends = coinops supports 1000s more unique games and isnt not the same set as FBL compatibility wise


commenting from my point of view its a very easy question to answer with greater acruracy than what ive seen....on this thread and it involved stuff I know alot more about than some that commented

it only happens in CoinOPS related stuff when a few people are around...cba neil and Iceman if they stayed out as asked many times by many members it would be fine and support threads for coinops would be open....but they are chilish just read the closed threads and its easy to see they dont talk any facts just talk rubbish and fill the threads with misinformation so others have to ask here..... and still they come with misinformation but its more than noted


this is the reason support threads are closed and have been closed on all others....should be easy to see why ^_^


most coinops people involved properly do this via MSN now and you can read the comments to why .... MSN for me works well and alot happens.....im out unless theres a diff question...simple answer above...


PM me if you want to know stuff about CoinOPS ill be glad to help you with your questions across all emulators really :naughty:

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The simple answer ad20 is, use both but for different reasons.

Build rom sets for both and test them yourself, you will find each emulator

supports slightly different sets with differing results.


This way you can be the judge of what "you" like and not have someone

else tell you what "you" like.

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What a load of bullshit from you, as usual Britney. Nothing I've said here is 'misinformation'. And now you're trying to tell us to stay out of other people's threads as well as your own? Fuck off. You don't own this forum. Welcome to 1emulation ad20, this is the shit you get around here.

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Okay, thanks for the information, i think i've got a slight clue about the differences now.


As for some questions which have arosen within this thread:


- I only want to run emulators on my xbox, not on the PC

- I will run all games in 480i, HD is a neat feature but my TV ain't up to date yet...

- my xbox has only 64MB, so later games might show slowdowns regardless of the used emu, but I'm fine with that



There are truly not many roms I intent to play, overall summed up just these: (if I'm not mistaken with the platforms)



- Metal Slug series (NeoGeo)

- Samurai Showdown series (NeoGeo)

- Art of Fighting series (NeoGeo)

- King of Fighters series (NeoGeo)

- Marvel vs Capcom series (NeoGeo?)

- SNK vs Capcom series (NeoGeo?)


- 19XX series (MAME)

- R-Type series (MAME)

- DonPachi / DoDonPachi (MAME?)

- Ghosts n Ghoblins / Ghouls n Ghosts (MAME)

- ESP Ra De (MAME)

- Black Tiger (MAME)

- Double Dragon series (MAME)

- Raiden series (MAME)



That's it.

If all these games would run in FBL, i would be content. If not, most of them should be used with FBL and the rest with CoinOps.


As The-Ice-Man mentioned, FBL-roms are much newer than CoinOps-roms. When I search for roms, i use Google and get provided with dozens of rom-sites. How do distinguish newer roms from older ones or otherwise said, how do I detect if a rom will run properly in FBL?

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Final Burn will play all of the games you listed except for R-Type 1+2 (Although I don't know why, it easily could), and the Raiden Fighters games. The original Raiden will play in Final burn though. As for CoinOps, at last check it will play all of those including R-Type 1+2, as well as the original Raiden and Raiden Fighters 2, but not Raiden Fighters 1, or Raiden Fighters Jet. This may have changed with the newest version, I don't know. If you don't care about your emulation accuracy, CoinOps will be your better choice, although some of the CPS2 games will stutter. This will aparantly be fixed when the next version comes out, as it will use the Final Burn core. So technically, you'd be using Final Burn in that scenario anyway.


For getting a new romset, the easiest thing to do is just type 'MAME 0.136 Roms' into a torrent search site. You'll easily find a full set, which is around 23GB. If you only want to download the ones you want though, which will be much quicker considering the small list, just make sure the romsite you use is offering v0.136 roms for download. I could point to one I know that does, but it's against forum rules.


One more thing, you mention the SNK vs Capcom series. SNK vs Capcom - SVC Chaos is for the NeoGeo, and will play in both emulators. There are also a couple of Capcom vs SNK games, which are different, and not playable on either emulator as they were on the Sega NAOMI hardware, which the Xbox isn't powerful enough to emulate. Same goes for Marvel vs Capcom. Marvel vs Capcom will work, but Marvel vs Capcom 2 will not, as it again was on the NAOMI.

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for all the games listed you can indeed use final burn legends or coinops reignite.

raiden 2 and raiden dx are not emulated on mame for xbox and it still is not emulated on mame for pc properly.to play arade perfect ports of these 2 games download the ps1 versions and use pcsxboxv20.

also marvel vs capcom 2 was ported to the xbox as a retail game along with capcom vs snk2 and are very easy to get a hold of.

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