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  1. Recently I've found out about these two handhelds, which can emulate every 16bit console up to the NeoGeo. Which of those two is generally better? As far as I know the latest version of the GPX2 is called "WIZ" and for the Dìngoo it's "A320" Are there even other notable handhelds besides that Pandora thingy that hasn't been released yet? Accidently I've stumble upon this offer: http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.ph...inment-station/ 62.42 € (81.69 $) doens't sound that much for a Dingoo A320, anyone got experience with this shop? Never heard of chinavasion.
  2. ok, neither do I have a Dreamcast nor a PS2, so if I got you right you recommend me: SFA3 -> PSX emulation Marvel vs Capcom -> CPS2 emulation Metal Slug -> ??? -> Profit Regarding Metal Slug, since my xbox is a 64MB-version, won't it certainly slowdown at some points when emulating Metal Slug 4 or 5 via FBL? The xbox versions on the other hand don't have to be emulated and thus won't have such flaws, will they?
  3. I've got "Marvel vs Capcom Clash of the Superheroes" (418MB) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (514MB) both as isos for pcsxbox. But i've got them both as NeoGeo roms as well: mvsc.zip (22MB); sfa3.zip (22B) Is there any reason I should keep the bigger PSX isos instead the small NeoGeo roms? Same goes for Metal Slug, i have Metal Slug 1-5 as NeoGeo roms (~30-80MB) but Metal Slug 3,4,5 also as XBOX-original games (~350MB), where's the difference?
  4. whoa, that's really quite old. man thx for the offer but the oldest system i actively play are those arcade ones i think on my xbox, i have currently following systems: MAME via CoinOps NeoGeoOps via Final Burn Legends NES via Madnafe-NES SNES via sNESxbox or how it's called Sega Megadrive via neoGenesis Play-Station1 via pcsxbox n64 via surreal64 and the xbox originals that's all system i'm familiar with, older ones might give the kick to real hardcore nostalgia-fans but i'm fine with the late 80s and 90s generally i've already made great success with your help regarding FBL and coinops, so any side scrolling shooter you can recommend me for those systems is much appreciated
  5. Side-scrollers are the shit, cool compilation man. The only way to port Raiden to the xbox is by a psx-iso, ain't it? One last request, i've got a liking to those preview vids playing in the background but those xmv are ass-difficult to find, i've got one torrent but it's as slow as rare. Any hints where to find such xmvs? Dunno if they violate the forum rules.
  6. thx for all your help so far, i've somehow managed to get this whole FBL CoinOps mess to work: FBL and CoinOps have the same rom-folder as well the same xmv-folder. All my games are listed in the FBL favourites except R-Type, Black Tiger, Radein and ESP Ra De, they are in the CoinOps favs. As for Raiden, it's a pity no other version except the first one can't run on xbox yet. @ The-Ice-Man thx for the hint to look for MAME 0.136 Roms, they all run smoothly. @ CoinOPS COMBUSTION i'm really into side-scrolling shooters, which ones can you recommend me as well?
  7. Okay, thanks for the information, i think i've got a slight clue about the differences now. As for some questions which have arosen within this thread: - I only want to run emulators on my xbox, not on the PC - I will run all games in 480i, HD is a neat feature but my TV ain't up to date yet... - my xbox has only 64MB, so later games might show slowdowns regardless of the used emu, but I'm fine with that There are truly not many roms I intent to play, overall summed up just these: (if I'm not mistaken with the platforms) - Metal Slug series (NeoGeo) - Samurai Showdown series (NeoGeo) - Art of Fighting series (NeoGeo) - King of Fighters series (NeoGeo) - Marvel vs Capcom series (NeoGeo?) - SNK vs Capcom series (NeoGeo?) - 19XX series (MAME) - R-Type series (MAME) - DonPachi / DoDonPachi (MAME?) - Ghosts n Ghoblins / Ghouls n Ghosts (MAME) - ESP Ra De (MAME) - Black Tiger (MAME) - Double Dragon series (MAME) - Raiden series (MAME) That's it. If all these games would run in FBL, i would be content. If not, most of them should be used with FBL and the rest with CoinOps. As The-Ice-Man mentioned, FBL-roms are much newer than CoinOps-roms. When I search for roms, i use Google and get provided with dozens of rom-sites. How do distinguish newer roms from older ones or otherwise said, how do I detect if a rom will run properly in FBL?
  8. That's a pity. I don't have that many roms to play in FBL, just the Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown series As i've now noticed, this CoinOps-pack, already contains all thoses games mentioned above. So, should i just forget about FBL since the games are the same anyway or would i experience any lack in quality this way? Basicly, i just want only one emulator on my xbox, preferably FBL because i like it more but since CoinOps comes with a pack of working roms i tend to prefer it over FBL. Is there any reason i should stick with FBL for some roms? If I were to find a complete MAME v0.135-rompack, could i then play all my MAME and NeoGeo games with just FBL?
  9. I'm starting to get into emulation so I was wondering: I still have problems finding working NeoGeo / MAME roms. In most cases I have to try out several versions of the same game until i get it to work. There's a torrent i've found containing CoinOps showcase plus hundreds of roms. Admittedly, i'm not very fond of the controls of coinops, Final Burn Legends is much more comfortable to handle plus it has a nicer skin in my opinion. So hypothetical spoken, if I would download these roms that are supposed to run fine in CoinOps would they do in FBL as well? It's really annoying collecting my games by this try-and-error procedure. For example, i still haven't found any working version of Raiden 2 & 3 on the whole i-net.
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