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Just out of interest, why are you complaining about what's said at another forum, here? Why not post there?

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people actually think I dont code, when I code 100 times more than any other dev ive seen in years...when I see other emulators with lots of things wanted like background music playing with vids I coded this and every other combo so no questions have ever been asked for it.... and know I could code that in 2 mins and the sources are there anyways it makes me cry for you guys.....

most of the time i see an ansked for features its in coinops and its written by me and modified by me to work properly...eg not just cut out of mame like the rotation and autofire as an example but ground floor written and thought about so no one asked questions about it


its so bad that new people actually believes what others have said....very sad for them as well.....



It so sad now that misinformation has spread so people think wrong stuff is fact.....shame on people that have let this happen...and promoted it...you guys that supported it should applogise to others who now think easy stuff isnt doable and think misinformation is correct....shame on you guys...I know the truth ill no longer be saying the truth and you guys cause new people to not know the truth.....thats shamefull to me....



Most of those features were implimented into other emulators before CoinOps, all you did was copied the ideas/code and inserted it them into CoinOps. You did these things over-night to pretend to new users that you were first. There are lots of users who know you weren't the first, in fact all you did was copied features that people liked. Not so long ago CoinOps never even had Video support from the Rom selection screen, when it was added it performed badly. The video support now still produces bad aspect ratio's. I could go on. All i can do is educate new users who are being blinded by mis-information. You really do live in a little dream world all of your own.

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cb you are quick to hand out your opinion quick but can you take it as well as you can give it out.



Your skins are a waste of a download some of the worst shit I have ever seen and your post are always senseless.You should stick with gilles skins they are a much better quility. I try to avoid your post because I know nothing usefull ever comes out of your mouth and because of your constant pushing of your newbee opinion you have ran more members from xbox scene then any other member on the boards. People look at your over inflated post count and think you might know something until they read a few and realize that all you do and say is small talk.


Did anyone ever realize xport himself stopped coming to the scene shortly after you and some of your friends started to over throw his sections? Dont believe me see knew he disappeared? Not until your gang started flaming and think it was a chat room and not a tech section. You and your friend have ruined the scene I have come to love and have turned it into a ghost town. I came here hoping to get away from you and your friends but it seems you all have became an internet wide cancer. The scene has been dying for a while and you and your friends just keep pounding the nails in the coffin.



You also have an over confidence in your own ability the only skill you have is making videos which is a worthless space consuming feature that really has nothing at all to do with xbox. Period.


Your team knows this they just dont say nothing because they are pimping you for videos. No one says anything because they dont want to hurt your feelings. I say this to give you a reality check. Truth is the xtra's are all madmab and gilles your the lacky doing grunt and secretary work that anyone can do there is no real skills required dont feel bad you are not the only one involved in that project that has that lacky title.



I said this years ago all you have to do is read resx entire thread. It is post dated and not recent.


You speak of credit? Did your team give it to me?


Last I remember I ported the zsnes pack to snes9xbox did I get a mention in the release? I am mentioned in a link in the thread which I thought was good enough even though I care less either way. And everybody involved got credit within these threads the same way. So what is the difference? By the way credit to the end user is meaningless they dont care. Credit in our community is what matters and as long as people get it on the boards to be seen by our peers thats what I would think would count but thats just my opinion.


That is the pot calling the kettle black.


Then I hear you and others say BP didnt create coinops he took some elses work and bettered it. Do you all give madmab the same shit? Isnt he just enhancing xport's emulators? I think he would not consider you all very good team mates if he knew you all felt this way.


I know who you are and have watched you on the boards there for years. You are a cancer to the community.


You are quick to say shit to BP and quicker to beg for his help. Your problem is because you have no coding skills you cant put things in the emulator you want and you get mad because he wont do it for you. Do I need to post some examples to prove this?


So you rally behind other coders because you think they might listen to your useless request


I bet you buy cars like you prefer your emulators (if you are old enough because the way you sound I figure your no older than 12 tops) You buy them because they look cool not because what is under the hood or the way it drives.

Edited by run088
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So you rally behind Nes and all his featureless incomplete emulators because you think he might listen to your useless request.


Znes and any of the fbl emulators never made it on my system for more than a day. This is because they are the most incomplete buggy emulators

that the xbox ever had to offer. And until standard features get added in instead of the worthless 10 year old toys you all imature people

request that has nothing to do with functionality it will always be incomplete.


Don't know why you edited that off, but it's kinda hard to take you seriously after reading those words.. ;)

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Thats the way I feel to be honest. I just try to not talk bad about peoples efforts I try to encourage them I do appreciate their efforts. And thought better to delete it. I believe I have had a personal conversation on the boards at xbox scene related to you using this same conduct and again since you want to interject yourself you are in the same boat in the xtra's project as cb to. I had the courtesy to tell you off the boards but I can say it here just the same since you want me to do the same thing to someone else



But all his emu's always have run buggy to me. And none of them have network support. Network support is in over 90% of all the other emulators. That makes it a standard feature. Any standard feature that is not included makes the emulator incomplete.



And I careless about how serious you take me. People send me xbox work from all over the country and all over the xbox scene boards. My pm box stays at 100% from all the people in the community that send me questions or place orders for work everyday.


This makes me realize you all don't come out of the emulator section much.


I keep the same screen name so people know who I am. And they have no question of my knowledge.

Edited by run088
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Wow. Looks like BP's got himself a ventriloquist’s dummy. At least it speaks better English. But really, I've never seen such arrogant bullshit in one place. This thread is full of it. I notice you also edited out your comment about CBA's child. Vile comments like that will get you banned and rightly so. You dare call other people immature when you go and say something like that? Inky's right, the Xbox section here is retarded these days. Made so by people like you.

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