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Great, that's the idea behind a frontend. I came here to ask a question. A valid one. It degenerated as per usual into an argumnent thanks to BP's choice attitude. Look around in the Xbox section here and elsewhere and you'll see the same thing happens a lot where BP is concerned.

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CBA singularity thread started Jan 17 2010, 06:53 PM

455 views.... that should enough of hint to see a difference in what im doing to what hes doing....and it should also tell them they are being ignorant to most people in the scene



I don't have time to sit all night clicking on my own thread, getting your chums to do it too.

Who's the saddest ? Anyway thought you were leaving here weeks n weeks ago !

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Went and found this post on X-S from a couple years ago. It is from the pinned section titled something about request for projects. The date is included so anybody can go look for there self if they wish. Xport quoted me and I made his comment in bold. This should pretty well sum up about what he might feel about people using his emulators









post May 30 2008, 07:07 AM

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QUOTE(run088 @ May 30 2008, 03:59 AM) *


I would like the 2 best things that ever happened to the xbox and what makes it stand out from all the other gaming systems intergrated into one program xport emulators and xbmc.

An easy way to keep people interested in xboxes is make it easier and easier to use. With more and more options that are either available on the newer gaming consoles that were not on the last or providing better features more ready and easy to use features that the newer consoles dont provide.

You can take all the emulators at there most current build have them built in right there and just like anything else just add your roms and go. Launch them with the same look and feel you get with xbox games with menu intergrated in and everything.No need for the ini it be intergrated in as well as the networking everything be intergrated

Also it could be updated as well for new features tech3 gets tweaked every two weeks or so.

Alot of developers who do the tech3 build are also members here.They listen to peoples request to add features and Im sure they would like some feature like that as well.

You said you would consider anything so I figured I'd give you something else to consider.

You once said in a post that it was not possible to merge all your emulators into one emulator but if xbmc was set up this way it could do it.



The only feasible way for this to happen is if xbmc loads the emu with a game from the command line, then when you exit the game, it will return to xbmc at which point you can load another emu, etc. This capability already exists in all my projects and has for quite some time. I've included custom_launch_params files in each release so that developers of dashboards/etc could integrate the emulators such that the user could load games directly from the dashboard/etc. It's in their hands now.





Question? Bug report? Go to the website.

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what is that difference?



Because it is an emulator it excludes it?


Is that what your saying? Do you even realize how stupid that sounds?


The concept is still the same. The purpose is the same. My question to him was the same. He said this functionality could never be implemented in his gui but the time has come that coinops has the ability to do just this without the long reboot described in the post. It boots right back to the same place in the rom list. Xport did not even have the foresight to see that this was possible.


Dashboards\ETC also would be a pretty good indicator that an emulator is included as opposed to excluded.


And a dashboard is nothing but a gui. Anything that has a gui can be labeled as a dashboard in an xbox if you want to get technical about it.

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what is that difference?


And a dashboard is nothing but a gui. Anything that has a gui can be labeled as a dashboard in an xbox if you want to get technical about it.

The difference is one is a DashBoard and the other is a games rom emulator.

Can't think off hand which emulator runs film scripts/plugins etc. The list goes on.

Also can't think of a DashBoard that runs games roms without an emulator previously installed.

So thats the way i see the difference, you may have different tools than me, enlighten me.


Part two, if you do get technical about it then you'll find that your the one making silly ungrounded comments.

Dear, dear me.


Anyway i'll leave you girls to it !

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QuoteByBP:dick number 3

so you like to be surrounded by the dicks...hmnnnn :P


Edit: In all seriousness the MELD idea by him was great I dont see why you take offense to this....

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