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My fire & steel skin for Final Burn Legends


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This is a skin I designed for nes' awesome emu FBL.

I had a fire & steel theme in mind with arcade characters.

This is a 640 x 480 SD skin.

720 / 1080 to follow later.


Heres a pic of my new splashscreen:


New rombrowser screen:



Also dropped in an "extras" folder that has other rombrowser screens, that

gives you the choice of swapping the b/g characters around.

I included:





To swap these around, you will have to copy (not move) the one you want, over the existing "rombrowser" file.

I used the dynamic skin engine & the only "fixed" item is the rom name bar at the bottom.

If you have overscan issues, you can always adjust the GUI through the options menu.


Thanks to nes6502 for the emu & advice on skinning.

Also, cbagy for honest opinions & advice, frankmorris fo rthe tip on moving white boxes!

Hope you like it.


640 x 480 SD download: http://www.mediafire.com/?a3imhc2gzwu

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I really like the logo.

Is it a special font plug-in pack for PShop or is there a tutorial somewhere ?



lol... :P

Nah, no plug-ins involved here mate.

To anyone wanting to make this kind of text effect used in my logo,

just go to this "metal effect" Photoshop tutorial:


The way to get either the chrome look (final burn) or the gold look (Legends), is to vary your "bevel"

at the start of the tutorial...


btw, while I'm at it, here's a tutorial for producing the same effect as seen in CoinOPS "fire text",

for anyone wanting that look, use this tutorial:



Its always good to help out other users who may want to do stuff like this...

All good in the end.

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Meant to include a BG with no characters in the package, for those who wish to use dual screens

(at a decent size), or add your own characters...


Here is the link for the "rombrowser" with no characters: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzwtgrxgjyy

You can drop this folder into the "Extras" folder of my skin.

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