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  1. Thanks gilou, I'll download them later on then. merci!
  2. hi gilou, hope you don't mind me asking... where did you get the videos from? I'm trying to get a good working romset (i have many roms as good that aren't actually working) with images (got them) and video previews (don't have any!). I have a cab myself as well. Best invention after the wheel! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I'd appreciate some help with fbl 1.3 from the fbl 1.1 thread: Change the button combo used to start the emulation menu. There are several presets to pick from. Where are these presets? I can't find them in the main emu/GUI menu and neither in the emu pause menu. Is it an .ini that has to be modified? Thanks in advance folks. edit: question answered by kenshiro by mp. thanks dude!
  4. Thanks for the early christmas present nes! ho-ho-ho!
  5. Yeah that could also saved atari alright XDDDD. It is amazing to see these things in the emu/homebrew world. A more modern idea translated to a platform in the past: It works and looks really well. Ah, well, talking about all the ifs and whens is daydreaming at the end of the day. Lucky us that can we see these things... 2 very nice picks, resx.
  6. That is fecking slick! I wonder how videogames would be now if nintendo would have released this back in the day. It looks A-MA-ZING!
  7. Is there any way to swap between game database filters with the touch of a button or it is done through the GUI? If the answer is 2 it would be a good idea to be able to change filters "on the fly" like blue to organize by genre, or yellow by system, or something. Just a thought.
  8. Good game, mixes beat'em up with shoot'em up, nice boss battles as well, and all wrapped with the soviet theme. The game is out there on the skies, although no official release was ever made. I play it every now and then on my cab, it has a nice arcade feeling.
  9. Hi sorry for being brief on the quote, but it is as VDX says, it is regarding the emulation menu acess button. I was reading the FBL thread in xboxscene and saw that you said you might put it in your next version. Drdystopia asked and you said you might add 2/3 variations of the key combo to choose from. The suggested ones were: -back+start -white+black -both triggers
  10. I've seen in xbox scene that this is gonna be looked into. Thanks and props.
  11. so far I'm using unleashx with homemade skin and menu. I have an entry for xbox games called xbox and an entry for each emu. For applications and system menu I have an entry called system that needs a password to be activated (so nobody messes with it) It looks simple (no vids, no fancy sliding menus) but it does the job.
  12. Hi guys little question here: Does this emu support the x-arcade controller on the emu options? FBAXXX had this option available, in order to swap R3(pause emu menu) for start+r1+r2. In Coinops this option is defaulted to back+start, if I can recall correctly. I have an arcade cab R3 and L3 are not available for me. I haven't tried the emu myself yet but from what I've seen it looks impressing. Props to you nes6502 and to all the rest contributing to keep the old xbox alive. my xbox sends a small kiss to all ya XD.
  13. Hi guys, one little question, is there any way to configure the x-arcade joystick as default controller once and for all? It keeps reverting for me to gamepad and i have to restart the xbox in order to get out of games. Also even making a change on neo geo games (on the in-game menu) doesn't keep the settings after rebooting... Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll try to dig out the 1.29 romset, if no luck i guess romcenter will have some work to do for me tomorrow morning... Muchas gracias and enjoy!
  15. Hi guys thanks everyone working on this project and specially kenshiro for keeping fbaxxx updated. Little question/s: I have the fbaxxx 1.28 romset and a mame (1.27 I think) romset as well. I wanted to generate the romset for 1.29 since there are some changes. Where do I get the .dat from? Generated from the 1.29 emu? and is it better to use the mame romset or most of the fbaxxx romset will work? Thanks in advance guys and keep the good work!
  16. I would like to give it a go if possible.
  17. mtsaint, i just downloaded it on iexplorer. i don't know how to allow mediafire like you said, and yes, simple a pure firefox is what i have. 1 thing, I'm testing a plugin for xbmc called launcher, it is like retro-x o emulauncher but more generic, allowing you to launch files through an application using a line of arguments. the plugin is not perfect and it seems it has problems detecting the icons path, and some changes have to be made on an xml file for it to work. i made it run fba and roms through it, it works perfect, but as i said still no icons. What i mean is that with this there's no need for cutfiles, apart from the possibility of putting the cutfiles wherever you want whereas the info in launcher is always managed by the plugin. i assume that adding bookmards here and there would do the trick, but i'm a total noob with this so it will take me time to figure it out. I don't know if you have tried the plugin, it is worth a look (latest version 1.02): launcher for xbmc
  18. the link is looping for me, it goes back to the "processing download" thing. is it just me?
  19. wow, nice one mtsaint, chritmas are coming early this year!
  20. Hi, got coinops gold 2-3 weeks ago and there's already a new WIP release? BP, props to you. Hope the command line launch makes the cut this time, I was asking you about it in xbox scene, decided to register here since it's way better to follow the work in progress. keep it up, and thanks for all the hard work!
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