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Final Burn Legends is not out


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I tried to release half a day ago. I don't release my work without an immediate announcement. Unfortunately my access was disabled halfway through. Whatever people "see" out there is not going to do them any good. Been trying to fix it for the last 12 hours without this post. But people are now starting to wonder why the release is corrupt (when there is no official release yet).


I didn't realize people would just be scanning xbins. I figured they'd wait for an announcement. If I had known that I wouldn't have made it publicly known I intended to release today. My hand are totally tied right now and until my access is fixed, there won't be a release. I've sent emails to the powers that be.

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Chit happens bro.


That's why I'm still rockin' the NES and Windows 3.1.


Still waiting for the go ahead for the SNES and Windows '95.


Let the guys who wait in line at Apple stores for an iPod work out the kinks.


Quad-core, Ha!


I'm perfectly fine with my 486, thank you very much.


:) egual


Take your time, been waiting for years. Let the hype grows.

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