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Coinops Showcase Vertical Cab Build


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anything can be added for a price (properly as well with nice features) :sadwalk: hehehehe but it goes against open source stuff


Righty right. I just found out, that my Valvoscreen has the option to rotate... at least it should have it, by simply replugging some cords. I will try this.


Dunno know, but I was not content with mamedox, when I tried it last time (couple of years ago). CoinOps appears to be the better onw.




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right BP im getting some progress with this vert build and have plenty of vert games - but as an addition it would be good to have normal horizontal games on there as well - some games like cabal and after burner will play good on a vert monitor.


problem is they are now displayed upside down. can you repatch this build to play normal rotation games flipped?



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it needs a reskin.....would take me about an hour or two to do.... Or you could try making the backgrounds 480x640 the way you want them to look then go into the xml and redo all the ements for 480x640 not 640x480 (id say swapping the x/y for everything would do this)



Well, I got it swapped and it looks really better now. The button graphics are still more ecliptic, than really round, but the rest looks good. Here's my edited skin.ini. Two problems, I couldn' get fixed till now (didn't have much time though):


1. I still have some games, that show upside down (180°) although they are vertical. Is there something I can do about?


2. Assigning an USB mouse (one with a ball, to transform it into a spinner) to function as a means to controll Arcanoid/Tempest. The mouse works and is detected, but to what Input I need to assing it? Tried to used the ingame setup menu and although the axes are tracked and it says "mouse-x -> mouse x<- ...." it is not working. Is there a way to edit those settings via a simple texteditor?






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ill be testing my usb mouse over the next couple of days so ill have a little look at your problem - and ill try your skin edit.



i also have a request for this build - you have rotated the vert games for play but it would be good if ALL games have the necessary rotation to play on a vert monitor - some horizontal games you can get away with but they are displayed upside down. also its probably an easy fix..

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sorry I dont have that build any more......ill patch it across properly with some new improvemnt sometime soon hopefully ... at that time ill need help testing etc to do it right so it stays in. If you arnt willing to help me out testing and listning to issues I have then I wont insert it as I would never use it. If you want it in right ill do it with some help and whilness to realise why I removed it and that im whiling to overcome the issues and do it right. It will be on the other thread though....



So the anwser is no I didnt do it correctly for horizontal games :P sorry and I didnt keep the sources :) so I cant really help you.... a few have asked about trackball in the past ill find it sometime and post how it works and add it to the faq

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Well, I got it swapped and it looks really better now. The button graphics are still more ecliptic, than really round, but the rest looks good. Here's my edited skin.ini.


Hey man, that skin.ini link is down. I'd like to have a look at that if you could fix it or pm me.


As for testing I just brought an xbox back to life tonight and I'm going to make it a dedicated Vertical box. I successfully got Frosty's dual boot VGA softmod to boot directly to vga when the power comes on instead of having to open the tray everytime. I'm sure nobody knows what I'm talking about but believe me it was a chore, especially since I thought this box was toast. I'm excited to test things, especially if its in the next two weeks. The better half is away and I can be extra geeky while shes gone...


bulge2: when you're testing your mouse setup could you see if you can control a gun cursor for any shooting games with it? I'd try but I seem to have lost my usb hub adapter I had made and I'm too lazy to make another one.

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lightgun stuff has new code but I havent put it out there as yet due to poor support really....theres alot of coding sitting around its just not tested so its remed out...like player 1 and 2 uses diff joysticks on only games that had one joystick and all number of coins allowence option ...... but you know you can turn off and on the cross hair (the key is in the buttons and features or readme)....


BACK and Left Thumb Button - Lightgun Crosshair Display ON/OFF

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Just recently found this forum... I have finished building my cab some time ago and soon lost interest, but now I want to bring the vertical stuff up to date...


I'm done with the horizontal part, but the vertical stuff is kind of hard for me to get right. I've already managed to mod a XBMC skin to fit my vertical needs as a launcher... I've found three Xbox games that run in vertical mode. Btw, are there any more native vertical Xbox games?


Ok, everything is fine so far, except the CoinOps part is giving me a headache... If I remember right I was able to get CoinOps Gold to show a vertical Romlist by editing the "ScreenRotation" entry in MAMEoX.ini... But now in CoinOps reignite R4 the setting seems to have no effect... And after reading up a little I understand that it no longer works in recent CoinOps builds...


Anyone having a link to the vertical build that is talked about here in this thread?? I cant find it anywhere...


I totally love the CoinOps GUI and would like to use a more recent vertical build on my cab...




Here are two pics of my cab... Just in case anybody is interested in the vertical XBMC skin mod with large icons, just ask...





Sorry for my bad english, I hope you guys understand what I am talking about...

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there are some shmups you can play in vertical mode or in other words tate mode.

shikigami no shiro

shikigami no shiro evo

shikigami no shiro 2

psyvariar-extend edition


to get the coinops vertical biuld you need to have 3 posts,after that your pm is activated.then you can get the vert biuld via pm.

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I'll send you the older vertical build I've got if you can send me that vertical XBMC skin or tell me how to get it. That would be a dream come true! I've often thought about making a jukebox with a vertical screen or just taking XBMC and using it as a frontend and launching vert arcade games with .cut files.


Wow, you just totally blew my mind with possibilities... make two more posts and we'll talk more!


Edit: What kind of cab is that? Looks like a candy cab but yellow with hard edges. And what is that gun doing there where the beer should go?

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