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Coinops Showcase Vertical Cab Build


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After a few request from different people for a vertical cabinet version of showcase for you cab owners BP has built a special Vert Only build of showcase that features optimised for vertical only cabinet setups.


this build has:


- Vertical Romlist

- Rotated Video previews

- All controls Rotated to work at 90 degrees.


So far he has only done a quickie build that i have tested for 5 minutes, but all is looking fine and dandy to start with. Over the next few days i will be finding and testing as many vert shooters/games as i can to put in a CoinOps Showcase Vert Pack. Ill probably need a bit of help with videos and bits but us xbox owners have finally got the option to play vert games how they should be played......



if you PM me for request of the build i will have a look at them tomorrow night and send out a link, im going out to watch the fireworks tonight and will be working tomorrow - but i will be back tomorrow :)


thanks to BP for taking the time to sort this out



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in showcase you can turn on autorotate and it will show you an icon in the top right corner when a game is vertical as it will have a rotate circular arror on it if you slect remove rom it will grab the pic the rom and xmv into the backuproms folder now... this will make it easier to assemble all the bits you need

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Just had a little spare time this weekend to pimp my babycab soft side.


I got stuck when running the build : Resource.xpr - file is missing or damaged,


The error screen tells me to copy this, along with the font files to Media, i also give a try with a Resource.xpr file existing in a previous mameox (6 412 288 octets) it gives me the same error message . I looked into previous releases of mameox, but this file was missing from those.


If you know what to do with that i'll be superpleased to read.


ps : for info, the build archive contains MAMEoX & default files.

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need to overwrite coinops R2 or R3 with the new default.xbe and mamedox.xbe

thanks, i've got it working with the "CoinOPS IGNITE R3 Standalone". Works well so far, just have to tweak the info displayed vertically.





Edit: as i don't need the others in my cab, i was searching the easy way to sort my vertical roms files apart,

this shiny script does wonderfully the job ;) (it actually moves the files, just search/replace by copy )



Vertical & Horizontal batch file

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That's good news and will save me a lot of time. Thanks. Two more questions:


1) xbox to Arcademonitor.


No I wonder how you hooked your xbox to the arcade monitor. Guess I will go with the ultimarc adapter (http://www.ultimarc.com/xba.html). Anyone can tell me if I need something else than this?


Than there are instructions for a simple syncsplitter:



And some more detailed informations:



What's the best method?


2) aspect raio

Vertical CoinOp runs like a charme, escept the few menus that haven't been rotated and the faulty aspect ratio. I can fiddle about the graphics and sure will find a way to crop and stretch them to right proposions, but what about the font? It all looks compressed. Is there a way to fix that? And is there a way/hack to rotate the missing menus and loading screens as well?




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1) xbox to Arcademonitor.


No I wonder how you hooked your xbox to the arcade monitor. Guess I will go with the ultimarc adapter (http://www.ultimarc.com/xba.html). Anyone can tell me if I need something else than this?

the cabinet i am working on is a piece of junk i got from trash with broken monitor i 'll be using a 30bucks 51 CRT television that fit well in horizontal. I'd like to have the remote to control the volume and i'll get rid of all constraint crt arcade.


For my other cabinet with an hantarex monitor, i'm using the lm1881 based circuit powered by the 5v of the stereo pc speakers i collected as sound amplificator. i'll try to take a picture, i did it messy but it's working .




If you don't have any soldering skill, i advice you the ultimarc, just put the jamma connector and you are ready to go.

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I've got a request for BP to include in a future dev, both excellent games

"Namco Classics Collection Vol.1 " and Vol 2

i am loving the remix included, would be top notch in vertical.



they are actually running flawlessly but silently, sound was worked on later :


# 0.99u10: R. Belmont fixed missing sound in Namco Classics games.

# 5th August 2005: R. Belmont - Got a nice present today from a coder who goes by Cync: a set of major bugfixes to the H8/3002 CPU core. As you know, this is the "sub-CPU" in many later Namco games. So what do the fixes do? They correct most of what was wrong with the sound and music in all of the ND-1 (NCV1/NCV2) and System 12 games. All the games involved now sound way better, and of course I've already backported the fixes to ZiNc so the music's better there too.

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Hey. Thanks Garcimak. Just earned my wings in soldering by completing this one:



Now Stick and Buttons are wired up and working prefectly. The whole thing is still lying around in parts. Guess I will have to pack it in a tupperware or something.


I checked Ultimarc and Andy is a nice guy, but the postage and customs make it twice as expensive till it is over here. I asked Jason from arcadezentrum.de and he is building one for me, complete with a SCARTplug right away.


I am still not content with the coinops appearance. The whole thing looks wrong. Scrennshots and everything is crunched horizontaly. The aspect ratio is really bad. I fixed the logo so far, but that was just a test. Any idea how to fix this? I recently found this hack



but really? Do I have to hack around in the hexcode to get it right? Any ideas?


What about xbmc? Along with the direct executable (command line, or however its called) it should be able to get a decent vertical menu done, or do I miss here something?




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