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CoinOPS reignite Updates Unofficial thread..


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I just gave a cousin of mine a modded xbox, FBA, CoinOPS and a few other emus I installed for him. He loves CoinOPS, the simplicity of it with the videos and the amount of games he can play got him hooked. He just wanted me to say thank you for him and that your emu is the S*@T. ;). Keep up the good work BP and Iq.

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I know it is compicated at this moment for BP ... BIG war over the FORUM ...

And you tell us to not ask it ...


But really, for know ... will you release the last update version "CoinOPS reignite R4 SHOWCASE upgrade" with the last drivers games add and videos ... ?


Thanks for the work


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sorry guys.....ive lost alot of interest lately especially in the release or talking about release side and been busy with other stuff, im getting a bit of help fixing some driver at present for myself really as I want a few games with speed, midway is being improved along with cps2 by some old school dev but otherwise ive got other stuff I need to do. As ive said others can help you guys if not im not really discussing ways forward at present


skin im using at present isnot PM3 sorry its this



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I continue to like the CoinOPS skin personally (besides one or two smaller things that i've written before). It gives a distinct look and personality to the emulator and works very well for what's intended and fits the design and philosophy of the games it plays.


Maybe i'm in the minority, but i like it way more than that xbmc stuff. In the end it's all a matter of personal taste i guess. :)

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CoinOPS will run under both my GUIs also you can launch oldschool gui from the new school gui as an emulator like xbmc of course can.


to be honest though the project scope is now just what I want in and how I want it to run....theres so much potential but anything I dont want in it I removed it as clutter. Im kind of enjoying getting back to roots of my design for myself. But I can work with people independantly of my project for a better driver core that would help both parties as im leaving you guys to others help really. Its nice to just work like the old days and im really starting to cross over to it now...as each day goes on and seeing that being a developer is just silly these days I will developement pure and simply for me and my friends xboxs based on a non compromised what I like ideals.


(everyone knows the reasons why ive spelt them out....im not even going to help actually with support anymore or telling people about silly stuff people are saying ill let them help you guys even if I think its silly hey its up to you guys and your communities to sort it out for yourselves really I know what I think, as promised many times I wont be returning to public dev unless the state of forums is better and clearly I would disagree with that at present. The decession to leave the community to support itself was nothing to do with any threats or wants of people here etc more the fact that really its your guys fight now and im happy to completely leave it up to you guys as stated many times I personally believe its in a bad way but its not for me to change this and its only really taking me backwards...its back to the old school :) )


Peace brothers

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