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NeoGenesis Madmab Edition


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Actually haven't done much for a few days, but its close anyway.

Will concentrate on it tonight. You will be the first to know Mr. Neil222

seeing as though your such a nice chap.

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Polishing the last few bits now Neil222 to that SD version.

Another 24 hrs of testing and then you can have it to play with.


22 - 24 mb of memory left under full load ;)

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Only 3 themes this time on 3 seperate configs.

I have left the other configs elements in the skin

so users can mod there own stuff and use existing

backgrounds and fonts n bits.


No Sonic Pics, No Sonic tunes, No F****** Grey boxes.

No useless Banners, No only just, slightly varied, configs.

No useless time/memory consuming annimations.

NO HD configs, No WideScreen configs, No dead wood.


Just SD, fast, colourfull and basic. Does what it says on the tin.


Fully compatible with ResXtras. (recommended)

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Only if you tell me how great i am at least once a day.

Then you will qualify (based on age)

for a blow up doll or a wiggly thing to put on top of a pencil.

Mugs n T-shirts to be arranged.

Doing a deal for some of Kenshiro's old stock.

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In anticipation of Madmab releasing his NeoGenesis Edition beta.

Heres a SD version of my Singularity skin. http://www.mediafire.com/?r3jyniwrmgh

Not too many configs. I cant do too much with SD due to lack of space.

Im a HD user so i have no motivation in SD so ive done this out of the goodness of my heart for you lot.






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After months and months of waiting patently its finaly availble.....thank god for the skills...this is a the best thing ive seen in a long time, who knows how good this can become in time. Thanks cba your a true skinner and thanks for moving things along nicely. Good work


Its been available for a while, but only for certain people !


An afterthought......

I could have just changed one minor element at a time and released it twice a week, but you have that angle covered.

Or i could have ripped the GUI off XBMC and bolted it on to the emulator and pretended it was a whole new emulator, hang on, you have that angle covered aswell !

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what if I coded and helped with alot of the GUI features (1000s of hours on Xbmc and now I cant use it cause some troller thinks im newbeeing and stealing alot of my own code, I know what ive done and know what you have done, I also know you dont know what ive done :rolleyes: or even who I could be ).....would that be ripping it off if I coded a good deal and got it into the cvs for everyone?.....just answer that and ill be happy but as usual you will woffle around what you dont know im sure and make excuses thinking your awsome and im ripping shit off when ive spent years on way more than you think...way more


but its good to see your talent ive been waiting and at long last I see it was well worth the wait :)


last post from me here...it looks fantastic just couldnt help but smile when I saw this


bet cba woofles on and actually wont answer the question...would that be ripping it off if I coded a good deal and got it into the cvs for everyone?.....I know where I stand on this subject and wont woofle to say 1000s of hours of work and years of talking with other teams means im not ripping off open source code. lets see what the expert has to say about the way things are now hes in town

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