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NeoGenesis Madmab Edition


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Well as promised the WIP 1 of the NeoGenesis Dynamic Skin.

Read me included.

This is a Multi-Themed (unique) skin for the Madmab Dual Preview Editions.

This version is for HD and SDTV Widescreen users.

The standard Xport version uses this skin also but not as good in my opinion.

Try it and see. Feedback more than welcome both positive and negative.

In fact open opinions are encouraged.



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looks good, out of interest is it easy toget all the genesis video previews?


Yes. Getting the video previews is easy. Pop over to xbox-scene forums. Xbox\Emulators\ResXtras and Compatibility etc.

ResX and others have a full pack of Genesis/Megadrive 32x and SegaCD/MegaCD videos in wmv format. They need converting to a native xmv format for the xbox. The tools for this are quick and simple but they must be found by you doing some research on the forum stated above. I am currently re-working the videos to a much higher quality and @640x480. I have done approx 200 at the minute, links for the HQ videos can also be found in the same thread.


Good luck, be patient and do some reading for yourself. To find the HQ videos is best to back about 8 - 10 pages from the end, i think ive uploaded 4 or 5 packs so far with approx 35 -45 videos in each.

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Here is the WIP 2 of my NeoGenesis Dynamic Skin.

Only for HD and Widescreen users at the minute.


Features 4 different themes.

New fonts, new sprites, improved graphics compression.


After loading all artwork and using HQ video previews, this tuned skin,

will leave the emulator 18 - 20 mb of free memory.


Delete previous installs to avoid conflicts.




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