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The Origins of Kenshiro's "Mooooo"


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Personally I have always wondered what the Moooo means?


Is it french for waheyyyy! maybe


Personally I think it is like the sound effect then Blanka wins a round of streetfighter 2 and goes "moooo" "moooo" moooo"


would be interested to know what others think.


Looks like there won't be much new emulation going on here for a while so I thought i'd help to pass the time.......

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lmao I'll try to explain the origins with my poor english.


One character in the manga Hokuto no Ken (i mean in the book, not that insane and horrible cartoon). were always saying "Muuu" when something disturbs him lol. Since my chilhood i love to find some noise and break my friends balls with it. So when we were at school, each week there was a new one (some of them like "moooo" are still there after years).


"Hey dude how it's going?"


"lol what's that again?"

"The new one crazy shit that Quentin found..."


What i noticed over the years, when you repeat something a lot of times, then everyone make it once a while lol. I was a big player of Halo2 on Xbox live long time ago, i get more than guy crazy with some "Mooooooo!" during the game. Sometimes everyone were saying it at the end of the game lol. So actually "Mooooo" means mostly "all's fine, all's cool" or also "what you're saying doesn't interest me". All the guys i know since the childhood still do it.

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So cows don't go moo in France? What do they do?

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manga Hokuto no Ken - cool I love Japanese animation - After War Gundam X rocks lol






damn that feels good :)

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