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there are a lot of people out there who like to have all the roms just for the sake of it.me personally i have the coinops ignite romset,mamedox plat2 romset and baed mame.

i originally started with the plat2 romset then when i got the baed disc and upgraded past plat2 to arcades then i started adding roms to it from the baed disc.


think i have about 1450 roms on my coinops ignite roms folder now.


Thats pretty cool. The way I see it though, anything that I know I'll never play or just dont like is a waste of space. I can totally dig the thought of having that many roms, its just not for me. :) Maybe someday if I drop a 500 gig drive in the box, I might go for it, but right now I have to make do with an 80 gig and space is of course at a premium when your that small. lol

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