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r5 is now out there,you know what to do...

if anyone wants this and they are newly joined to the site,then you need 3 posts before you can recieve pms.


also heres the screenshot package for anyone that dosent already have it.




hello can i get the coinops r5 download link too? thanx :D


Complete newb question...... guide to getting this on my xbox its soft modded. can i play it off a dvd. or dvd to hard drive. thanx. i did look but all i can find is for when its ON the xbox.

thanx in advance.

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maddddyyy you have a couple of choices.

if you have enough space on your xbox hdd then you can ftp the folder or you can burn the emulator as a data disc and then use your xbox dash xbmc,unleashx,avalaunch or dvd2xbox to copy the files to your xbox hdd via the file explorer these dashbards have.

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You can run it off a DVD yes, or if you really wanted, burn it to DVD and then copy to the hard drive. But the most common way of getting anything onto an Xbox is via FTP. If you don't know how to FTP to your xbox, there are plenty of tutorials on a whole load of websites. Just search.


Most people have large hard drives installed so they run everything off the hard drive rather than off DVDs. Since you said softmod, I'm gonna hazard a guess that you haven't ever opened your box up and you have a stock hard drive. Not great for arcade emulation. A full romset for CoinOps or FBA will fill your stock E drive completely, in fact you won't even fit a full set on a stock E drive. If you have a stock drive, then running from a DVD might actually be your best option. Unless you only want a few games, then just FTP them over.

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Your rom might not work on CoinOps if i am not wrong.


I just recently put COIR5 on my Box. But I can't run mslug5, get a bunch of missing files.


MslugX runs fine on the Xbox and mslug5 rom runs fine under the latest MAME on my computer.


It's like 79MB, is there another release I'm unaware of?





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