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Drivers sugestions and related fixs for CoinOPS ReIGNITE


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Please add Fighters History (data east), its the original fighters history not the neogeo game called fighters history dynamite, reason is that I remember that game was right next to street fighter 2 in my local arcade :P


I think that's the game why Capcom filed a lawsuit against Data East because of the similarities between it and Street Fighter 2. :D


Will add it to the topic later. :)


I second this. :( I think this game is on SNES, too. It is ridiculously like SF2.

It's beautiful. :D


Looks like some good stuff is going on around here. :clapping:


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Night Slashers looks great............I second that shitz. But the main game I want is california speed............Can't get this to work on any mame.

there is the n64 port that you can play on surreallxxx for the xbox.

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