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King Of Fighters 2003

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Another one!? o_O


Ehh this wasn't much of surprise. 2d Fighting games are among my favorite. They just gotta upgrade or add in a few more components to make it more interesting. Otherwise, its just good ol "strong kick" to win it all :D


Yay for sNK :lol:

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A charge character like Guile.

Uses Flames.

6A does a command move. It's an overhead, cannot be linked into from heavy attacks,

6 or 4 K makes Ash move in the direction held while doing a Sobat. Seems like it can be linked from weak attacks.

(Move names courtesy of our resident Frenchie, Shebs)

Ventose : 4_6 p A projectile, like Rage of the Dragons' Billy's Slash Cross. Lag and Rigour (I STILL think this refers to damage) are huge. Seems to come out slowly.

The weak version of it is a normal fireball, but the strong version is a cross between K's Ein->shoot and the Double Reppuken.

The speed of the projectile is also slow, but it is a large projectile.

The strong version pierces through projectiles


Nivose : 2_8 k. Anti air. Like CVS2's Kyosuke's Illusion Kick. Just about invincible.

Vendemiaire : 41236C. Striking grab (Does this mean an Auto combo like King's HCF P? :lol:?). Juggleable?

DM, Pluviose : 236236K. Multiple Ventoses. (Does adding s behind a noun make it plural in French too, Shebs? XD)

Sans-culotte: ABCD. Ash is enveloped in flames and powers up. There are rumours that this shortens the length of time needed for his charge. (i.e. instead of 2 seconds, maybe 1 second is needed)



Knows Lin. (I think? The kanji literally states "The person in the middle is Lin")

Able to do 2k1 Striker Ron's move.

Has a Kuzukaze (Iori's scum gale, hcb fwd command grab) like move - could it be the above move?

crouch b cancelable.

Has a 3 step move starting from 236p. Like the dokugami? Enter the command thrice

-The 2nd part of the 3 part move is a kick of sorts. The 3rd part staggers the opponent backwards - might be able to connect something following that?

(The following fancy names are adapted as best I can from the original Japanese.)

Shadowless kick - Inner Tooth: 623K. Similiar to 01 Lin's "Stabbing Snake Tooth" (Lin's 421 p/k), only that he uses his legs instead.

Missle Kick : 236K (Lin's move)

(Too funky name for me:)214K. Disappears, attacks from the top of the screen.

DM: Hidden Technique (That is passed on) - Illusionary Dream Curse Death Soul: 2141236P. Projectile.

Leader only SDM: Inner Technique : Multiple Illusionary Shadow Dark Force: ACBD. Something about a fixed time and AQ? (pointman_4000 says : "It's either like Gen's crapenshuu or Tessa's hearts & timer Super, or it's like Rose's Soul Illusion. That's what the name and description look like to me)

Shen-wu :

Superb Crouch C priority.

6A is an overhead, 6B is a command move used for comboing.

Crouch C-> Shock Punch -> Stand C in the corner no longer hits.

Shock Punch 236P. No lag (? I think?)

Crouching Tiger Strike, 214A, follow up with Falling Dragon Strike, 236A.

DM: Ultimate Shock Punch : 236236p. Looks a hella like Shine Knuckle, able to traverse the entire screen. No lag? The move comes out TOO fast. Equivalent to FI? (FI? I think this is some other characters' move name?)

Has a Genki Dama like SDM (Genki Dama is the name of Son Goku's, from Dragonball Z, ultimate techinque - he holds his hand up in the air, forms a muthabig ball of energy, and brings it crashing down onto the enemy) Can be charged.

Leader only SDM is Explosion, CABD. Gives Armour Mode.


Garou Team:



MOTW redesign.

Stand C is no longer multi hitting as before but, like MOTW, hits only once.

Close D hits twice.

Seems like he has MOTW's combinations (C->C)?

Doesn't have fwd a.

Rising Upper (dwnfwd C) is like his MOTW version. Slight reduction in priority?

Jump B is also like his MOTW Version. Has a slight use as an air to air.

Crack Shoot is an overhead.

No more Rising Tackle?

Burn Knuckle has its lag reduced.

Power Wave comes out a bit slower now.

Power Dunk is not invincible, and cannot be braked (this, I remember, was a MOTW system?)

Has Power Charge (41236K). Able to followup like in MOTW

Power Geyser comes out faster. Lag has also decreased, but the damage has correspondingly decreased.

"New" DM- Buster Wolf. 236236p. Might be able to link further attacks if you connect in the corner. If the Buster Wolf doesn't hit, the explosion animation doesn't come out. At point blank range, it pierces through the guard and sends the opponent flying.

Leader only SDM is the "Power Stream" 2141236AC. He jumps, strikes the ground, a blue flame pillar arises. For the 2nd player, however, the ball seems to be red.



Unabel to cancel from his Slash Kick into his qcf, hcb p DM.

The effect of his Kakato (his qcb k move) is now blue.

The distance moved by his Screw Upper (qcfx2p (S)DM) has increased, and it now comes out faster.

Leader only SDM is "The strongest, most explosive Straight in all of history", 2142147AC. A slow Galactica Phantom. Has an auto guard point. Wires on counter?


Griffon Mask:

Crouch A and stand A have quite high priority.

The command for Justice Hurricane is 63214P. Takes off quite a bit.

Leader only SDM is "Big Fall Griffon" 6321463214AC. Takes about 60% of life.


Korean Team:



Close C has its priority weakened.

The return of his charge b, fwd k move. (meteor fall?) Comes out slow.

His Hishou Kyaku (Mid air, qcf k move) is back to the chip damage (2k1 type) style.

Has an ublockable DM?

Leader only SDM is his same old 21416BD.



His command grab slams the opponent about 4 times.

Has a DM version of his Iron Ball Smash (charge b, fwd p move)

New move, 236 K, the Iron Ball Massacre? Able to OTG. (XD I think I got this right)

Leader only SDM is "Big Iron Ball Crush Kill". 236236AC.



Has a new stance?

Has had a few additions into his stance moves (I think. :D;)

Leader only SDM is 236236AC.


Ladies Team:


The motion for her Exchange Attack (What the heck is this?) has reverted back to her old 1B form.

Spin Fall is strong. Even if guarded there's a 50 50 chance? (Not too sure about this)

Real Counter damage has increased.

The damage for her DMs seem to be weird. Perhaps its only her?

Mary typhoon is now a normal DM. 6321463214K. A moving grab.

Dynamite Swing is now done again by 236236k. As it rises somewhat vertical now, it's hard to link in a combo. Also harder to use as an anti air.

Leader only SDM is M. Twister rose? 2363214AC. Damage has been adjusted, now takes about 60%. The animation for the move is as follows: Spin Fall, [Vertical Arrow, M Snatcher)x2, M Typhoon.



Back in 95's outfit.

New special move, Trap Venom (236p). Does the move while jumping striaght up.

New Special move, Under Venom. 236K. Hits low?

Double Strike remains as always.

No longer has her Mirage series moves? (Her Mirage moves are: Mirage Kick, 63214P, and Mirange Dance, her auto combo 41236p move)

If the weak Tornado kick hits, the opponent will be hit straight up. Juggable.

Leader only SDM is Phantom Strike 236236P. Throws lots of Venom Strikes.



Her fan slash (qcb k) priority has been strengthened. As usual, might also be useable as an anti-air.

Has a new DM, Heat Haze Dance 236236P. Her flames come out even if she is knocked down. (I think). Juggable if it connects.

Leader only SDM is her SDM Super ninja bees, same motion, qcb hcf BD.


Athena Team:



Costume change

Seems like her intro animation has her rising up from the ground.

Has the "vigour" of Stand D, Psycho Ball increased (Vigor? Does more damage?)

The revival of the psycho Suruu (No idea what this is - her command grab from '98? Or her reflector from 2k1?)

Psycho Reflector comes out slower.

Shining Crystal Bit comes out slower, usage has been downpowered. The Bit itself seems to go in a circular path now?

DM Phoenix fang Arrow (used to be qcfx2 k) has a motion change, is now done by 214214k.

Leader only SDM is the Psychic 10.

Done by 632146A...

Finishers are Athena in a bikini, in a school girl outfit, and with her 2 other friends from 2k2 firing a pink beam?



Not able to do multiple cancels (I think this means her multiple command move thingy? Not sure, I never played her)

Not like 2000 where she had lots of special moves? (Again, never played her)

Doesn't have her Kakenage (632146k) (Or perhaps it's a follow up to her Gaburi Yori, 632146p?)

The Gabrui Yori has about 2 followups. Both are throws.

New special move, headbutt type (I think). 41236P. Very short range. Might be able to be used as an anti air?

Her moving throw remains unchanged.

Leader only SDM is a move where she slaps with both hands (I think) 2141236AC. Wires if it connects.



Has a triangle jump (I HOPE that's what the Nipponese players mean)

Uses hidden weapons.

Said to be a female Choi.

Crouch D is a slide.

Jump D hits twice.

6B makes her throw a knife after a small hop backwards. However, as she sits down and poses after that, the lag on the move is a joke.

Sparrow Punch, 236P. Rushing move. Able to link into Mid Air Sparrow Punch.

Mid air Sparrow Punch. In mid air, press a direction, then AC. Similiar to Choi's drills. Can change direction 3 times.

Anti Air Sparrow Punch? 623P. Able to follow up with her Mid air Sparrow Punch.

Onigumo, 214P. Set-up type of Projectile. Spiked yoyos. Able to set up both the light and heavy versions of the projectiles? A goes about a character's width away, C goes about 3 character's width. Stays in place for quite a while.

41236K sees her stabbing with her stun baton. It's a multi hit move, and it KOs you upon connecting (Trans error? ;);), however the move comes out slowly.

DM - Joubachi, in mid air, 236236P. She does a diagonally down Mid air sparrow punch, which, if connected, leads to her stabbing you in the air.

Has a DM, done by 236236 k where she kicks the opponent into the air, then throws daggers. While it doesn't seem to have start up invincibility, it seems that it can be used as an anti air as it has great priority.

Leader only SDM is Tsuzuchi?i236236P) Hits with a huge hammer. Able to link into it from weak attacks.


New Japan Team:



Costume change. Panther design.

Shinkku kakate koma (used to be hcb p) has a motion change, now done by 214k.

Weak Handou Sandan Giri (his qcf k, d,u k move) has no lag even when blocked. However, accordingly, the reach for the move has shortened.

New special move, translated name is something like "The Blade of lightning's cry"214 p. While sliding, does a moon slasher. Can be charged? Is a 2 hit move that hits the opponent straight up. Might be juggable? The move is linkable from heavy attacks, but the priority is suspect. (I think.)

Raikoken has had its priority increased.

His Gen'ei Hurricane DM's animation ends suddenly.

Leader only SDM is the Raikoken.



Distance between characters needed to do close C has decreased.

His uppercut seems to be strengthened? Seems to have more invincibility frames.

Able to do Shingo Kick in the air

His Panic Shingo (I think the motion is qcb, hcf p?) motion goes like this: Aragami Dokugami Aragami Dokugami. (Aragami and Dokugami are Kyo's qcf a and qcf c respectively) Flames come out randomly.

Leader only SDM is 236236BD. (Seems like a SDM variant of his old 421k move?) After his 421k move, he falls down - you are able to hit the opponent even when falling down.



New Counter DM (thansk again to pointman_4000)

Leader only SDM is 6321463214AC (his old command grab DM)


Outlaw Team



Clothes are slightly redesigned.

Fwd a is downpowered. Lowered priority.

3D hits in the middle (again - block high?) hits opponent away into the air slightly.

The revival of his 623P move (uppercut)?

Sparrow drop has been removed (His diagonal stick qcb p attack)

His Flame Wheel doesn't hit after his 623 k?

The descending part of his 623 k move tracks the opponent.

Flame Wheel, if hitting a opponent in the air, will bounce him up in the air. Confirmed to hit all directions. (?_?)

Leader only SDM is 236236BD Has been rumoured to be a ranbu style SDM.



Short sleeved costume.

No big snake (The charged up form of his snake arms)

Snake arms and Dagger swings have been returned to RB fashion

Middle Snake arm has it's lag increased somewhat.

He says something different for each of his snake arm moves.

His drill (his DM command grab) command seems to have changed slightly. Or it might be a Leader specific move.

Also, the followup for his Drill move seems to differ according to whether you mash the p or the k buttons - It is rumoured that, p, as always, results in the snake arms, and k seems to result in him stepping on you, then doing the dagger swings.

The arc of his Gullotine (236236x2 p) seems to have changed- he flies up quite high, and it's now harder to use as an anti-air - after hitting the opponent up, the part where he slams the opponent down on the ground is hard to connect.

No longer has his "Nightmare.. then madness" move (qcf ABCD)

Leader only SDM is titled "Beserk Fist", done AA6BC. Like the Shungoku Satsu.



(I don't play MOTW, can some one look through this guy's moves?)

214 D: Wind Fang:


A:Peacock Fang

B:Spin Fang

C:Bow Fang -> able to link into his Zero Fang upon connecting.

D: Sliding Fang. Too much lag if blocked.


214 A or C: New? Wind Fang


A: Peacock Fang :He does a mid air dash in the other direction! Quite a laugh (I probably translated this wrongly. -_-)

B: Spin Fang: Counter. If it connects, he does the spin fang.

C: Time the C when he approaches the head of the opponent. Throw.

D: Sliding Fang. After finishing Gatou returns quickly to the spot he did the Wind Fang. Safe even when blocked.)


Spin Fang has an autoguard point

Able to link into his Zero Fang from weak attacks.

"Lightning Fang" and "Mountain Shattering Fang" have been removed.

Leader only SDM is 623AB*3


AOF Team:



Has his 214p move.

Invincibility frames on his Kouho (uppercut) have been reduced.

Unable to link far a into his Hien Shippu Kyaku (hcb k)

Leader only SDM is tenchi Haohken, motion remains the same. Damage doesn't seem to increase by very much even if it counters. As ever, it dizzies upon connecting.



Neutral stance redrawn.

Seems like his costume is as i98.

Has his 623 k move (his crescent kick?) back. B version hits straight up, D version hits at an angle?

Genei Kyaku (fwd b fwd k move) is slow in coming out. He stops kicking after a very short while (if it doesn't connect, I guess).

His "Dragon God Kick" is now like it is in '98. (This is his auto combo, (hcf k))

His ryugekiken (His projectile in 2k2, if I remember correctly) is shot from his legs (I think). Startup seems to be large but good for guard crushing.

His "flying swallow hurricane kick" (hcb k move from '98) has a motion change to 214k, k. If the k followup is not done, has no lag.

Able to link close c into fwd b into Haohshikoken (Super fireball). Haohshikoken is chargeable-does more damage if charged.

His ranbu is slower in coming out. unable to link from close c into fwd b. Finisher is his 623k.

The game seems to be damn sensitive to the command of his ranbu. (i.e. must do it very accurately? Trans error?)

Leader only SDM. 214214k. B version's motion is like his mid air diving kick. D version is like his jump CD. Links from normals->6a-> SDM?



Netural pose redrawn.

Has dwnfwd b.

Crouch D seems to have its range shortened?

Overall priority has weakened.

Her Chou Upper comes out slower, and is no longer able to be linked from weak attacks?

Her qcb p move is now done slower. Chargeable.

Her air fireball's speed has increased.

Seems to have a new move like Sakura's "Spring is number one!"

Leader only SDM is done 236236AC. From the name it seems like an electric Haohshikoken. Chargeable. In its final charged form it's like a kamehameha (this is Dragon Ball Z's signature energy attack)


Ikari Team:




New move, called Unblock. (623p). The uppercut from the BariBari Vulcan Punch (qcf hcb p) Comes out slow, but is able to guard crush, and you can super cancel DM or SDM into it if the opponent blocks it and have it connect?


No more Ralf Tackle


SAB is no longer an instantenous grab? But now it has a guard point (Er. I think?)


The b version of the Ralf Kick is like a drop attack from the air, whereas the D version is the old version of it.


Total hits for his Vulcan Punch DM (qcf hcb p) is 6.


Leader only SDM is Galatica Phantom, 236236AC



Able to link SAB even from the 2nd hit of his close C.

SAB has been weakened significantly.

Leader only SDM is the UAB. 6321463214AC. It seems the finish has multiple random patterns (Like 2k2 Mai's HSDM?)



Earing (qcb k) and "Voltic Launcher" (her b, fwd p move) come out faster.

Her Rebel Spark (qcb, hcf k move) comes out faster.

Leader only SDM is the V-slasher Aerial 236236AC. She jumps in the motion of the Grateful Dead (Is this an old move of hers?), then if it hits, she kicks the opponent some distance away then does a V Slasher.


New Nests team:



Neutral pose redrawn.

Graphics for his far b, jump d and Ein have changed. Far b now has longer range, jump d is a kick like the 2nd shoot, Ein remains unaffected. (I think it means his new animation doesn't affect the efficacy of his move)

Fwd roll motion has changed.

Far C cancellable.

6B no longer hits in the middle? (Does this mean overhead? WTH.)

His C crow bites has had its path of motion changed- doesn't go more than half of its previous width and height.

Also move seems slower?

Ein -> Blackout has been revived.

2nd shoot seems to have its lag reduced?

Second Shell does not float up the opponent as much as before.

Unable to link Ein from weak attacks?

New move- Air trigger. (mid air 236 k). Seems like he jumps backwards while releasing flames down diagonally

New DM, Heaven's Drive (236236K). Does his Bites twice and follows up with a K?

Leader only DM is his Chain Drive 2363214AC. The finishing has changed. After his One Inch, he does a Heat Drive.



Close C into fwd A doesn't seem to link?

Vapour Cannon Counter Wire exists.

Maxima beam has become easier to use, but the damage has been reduced to half of '02s.

The animation for his Maxima Revenger (hcbx2 k) is now his SDM Maxima Revenger animation.

(I have no idea for the next line that refers to his Revenger: ?d’¼‚ª”÷–­‚É’·‚¢‚Ì‚Å’[‚¾‚Æ”½Šm‚©‚à?H)

DM Bunker Buster has a motion change - is now done by 236236P

Leader only SDM is the MX-II Final Cannon, done 632146AC.

He puts his arms forwards and does a projectile.



Close B hits high?

Vertical Hop C seems to now do her vertical jump C move?

The movement of her Hook Shot is awfully smooth. (Her Hook shot is her qcb p in air)

Motion for her DM Sonic Slaughter has changed. After sucking the opponent in, she does Crouch C, Close C, Far C.

Leader only SDM is her Sonic Slaughter SDM 2141236AC.


Solo Characters:



Has an intro with Iori (I *think*)

Costume change. Is now his 99 EVO hidden Striker outfit.

Reach of his dwnfwd D has again shortened.

Aragami (QCF C) even has autoguard from his shoulder.

RED Kick does NOT hit crouchers.

You can link his weak 75 shiki (his qcf k,k juggle kicks) from light attacks?

From the middle of the screen, 75 Shiki into Orochinagi does not connect (!!! WTF)

Lack for his hikigane (hcb k) has increased. 75 Shiki into Hikigane into Aragami no longer links.

His 108 style has been revived. (His super punch DM from 2k, I think) - 236236p.

Leader only SDM is "The first of 3 divine techniques", done 236236AC. Also called a mushiki.



Has an intro with Kyo

Far C Cancelable.

FAST fireballs.

Weak attack links into his weak kototsuki (hcb k)?

His uppercut hits 3 times even when connecting with a mid-air opponent.

Kuzukaze (Scum gale, hcbfwd p) into far C into Aoi Hana doesn't connect?

(Don't understand the next line - I know it's talking about the Aoi Hana, but the specifics, I have no idea:


Revival of is uppercut k claw scratch thing from 98/99

He might also has his qcfx2 k dm? (his claw scratch dm move)

The revival of his Eight Wine Cups (old qcb, hcf stunning fireball dm) Doesn't burst into a pillar of flame immediately even when blocked.

Leader only SDM is "The 2nd of 3 divine Techniques", 2363214AC. A striking version of Orochi Iori's exceed from SvC. (I *think* I got that right). Supercancelling it from his uppercut or linking it from the 2nd hit of his fwd a, a move seems to be able to conect the SDM.

Hidden Leader SDM? Fills the screen with flame, motion seems like his Splendorous Jackal.


CPU Specific characters:



Seems to have been spawned as an illusion from Chizuru's mirrors.

There's a big reaction if you beat him (Err, maybe some dramatic cinema? -_-;)

Lag for fireball has decreased.

Has 3 vitality bars? (??)



The host of this KOF.

Her leader SDM? She envelopes you in countless sheets of paper and throws you?



Compatible with Chizuru. Is stronger than her. Also seems to be an illusion, created from Chizuru's mirror.

Has an air warp.

(Don't understand the next line - describes something about a move which might be her Leader DM - a projected image attack)



You fight him if you beat Chizuru and Maki.

Barechested, wears a belt around his waist

Looks like Rao (Rao? From where?)

Projectile has him dropping a stone statue.

His throw petrifies (turns into stone) his opponent.

DM (whole screen attack) petrifies his opponent. Damage is about 30%.

You are unable to move temporarily (can also be hit?) while petrified.

3 life bars.



Said to look like young Rugal? Has a sister (her name is Rose).

Shoots Repukken from her legs.

Has Genocide Cutter, Barrier, and B's Destruction (Rugal's hop forward, kick 3 times, end with a juggling kick move from 2k2)

Has the Gigantic Pressure.

Like Kusanagi, has 3 vitality bars.



Aderu's younger sister?

After she morphs she looks like Mars People.



Opening Intro seems to show Rock from behind?


Game flow: Start, roudns 1-3, Kusanagi, rounds 4-6,Mid Boss, Last Boss.


There is a split of paths at the mid boss - whether you face Chizuru or Aderu seems to be determined by the score?


The effects have been totally redone.


Your moves are displayed on the top of the screen (Translation error? -_-;)


(Something about all characters something anime version. Character portraits? -_-;)


Backgrounds seem to have LOTS of effort put into them.


Kula is seen in plain clothes in the background, as is Mars People, Hotaru, Kasumi, Choi and Fuba.


Lots of hidden characters (I'm not sure if it means hidden as in Kusanagi in 2k2, or hidden as in King, Geese, Eiji etc in 2k2)

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I'm hella stoked, and those people dissin KOF,


and you all know SNK can't stop, they don't know how to stop





HATERZ!, stop hatin and participate :D

Edited by -VIOLENCE-

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Gotta admit Cinder, takes a big man to say what you did lol, its good that you can spread your own opinion freely, admirable quality :lol:

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*Hugz Cinder*


It's ok, we still love you.


WTF! Just the character select screen?! Sonofabiatch!!!!!!

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Two big thumbs.......DOWN

This stupidity needs to stop. There have been more than enough releases of the same game for every year.



:D  :D


And don't look at me like that.........someone needs to say it, and I did.

2D fighters need to DIE. They are played out.

Have you ever seen an admin troll? I know I have...


Maybe we should write a song about it? Sung to the tune of the song that goes "When I see an Elephant Fly" from old Disney Dumbo film!


As for unoriginally re-hashing a game... Madden (basically a roster update very year), Tekken series (since when has Tekken been original? Since it did the same thing VF did, or since it ripped off Capcom's "tag-match"?), Dead or Alive (Tekken with tits!), Virtua Fighter (making it 3D and giving you a 30-second air-time, because we can!), MACE, War Gods, Soul Edge/Calibur (tell me something, why couldn't Namco make a sequel to Weaponlord instead of this drivel?)


So yeah, 3D fighters look better with every new iteration. Whoopie. At least 2D fighters play better with every new game, even though the display hasn't changed in about 10 years. Anyone care to remind Capcom or SNKP that a resolution should go higher than 320x240 nowadays? So far only Sammy gets this right for fighting games.


As for this game... Did Lin make the roster? I noticed my man Eiji is still out... At least I still have Iori. :D



EDIT-- My bad, I missed couple of posts. :( Sorry Cinder.

Edited by nezumi

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Well, I know there have been many negative opinions about KOF 2003, but I am looking forward to it very much. I was a big fan since it first came out (94) and I still am playing the series quite often. :D I like 2D better than 3D fighting games (I am not sure why, but I do).


There are many new characters and chracters from Garou (Tizoc and Gato), which makes it more interesting.


I actually have been waiting for 2003 for almost a year now. :D

Edited by Genesis

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I'm really loving this KOF so far. The changes are welcome, especially the tonning down of the overpowered bastards.


Anyone see the vid? This game is FAST :D.

Edited by Max

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ok, I just heard at Geoshock that they're gonna be beta testing this game in the u.s, but in this state. Too bad its up north and too far from me. I wish they would beta test here where almost every person ages6-25 likes kof and metal slug

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