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What do you use to play?

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I'm using a Saitek P2600 I believe. It's an older model but I got it for 10$ at woot.com and it's pretty good. Wanted a 6 button format for MAME games and having a dpad and analog works well with the action adventure games. Only problem with this model is that they included rumble, but rumble is so bad meaning it's very loud and kind of awkward. I'm sure there's newer models out though that fixed it.

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Sidewinder gamepad > GBA, NES, GB, GBC, SMS, GEN and TG16.

Airflo gamepad> SNES, PSX, N64


The buttons on the sidewinder are really nice, same with the digital pad. But it only has 6 buttons so I have to use the other for the rest.

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ya the PS3 would be great however no one has bypassed the bluetooth bc my buddy wants the controller to be wireless so im a check out some of these you guys named plus how is the D-pad on the logtech? bc i have an older ver of it and it sucks more then a vaccume! did they upgrade it?

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For PC games that require a gamepad I use this cheap Sector 7 Gamepad from Extreme Gaming.

Surprisingly, I thought it would be a half-assed POS when I bought it, but it's actually one of the best pads I've used.

The entire top half of the controller shell is soft rubber, the sticks and buttons are very responsive and it supports force feedback. All for $15.


For emulators - I have a dual monitor head to head arcade cabinet. 2 Ultimarc Ultra-Stik 360s and standard pushbutttons. The Ultra-stiks are something I'd recommend to ANYONE looking for a good arcade stick, as they use highly sensitive hall effect sensors providing full analog, or settings down to acting like a 4-way stick.




I also have a couple homemade adapters for SNES pads etc, and they get used on the PC powering that cabinet for SNES games etc.

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