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RessurectionXtras (Work in Progress, Tons Already Done)


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Hell yeah man...


I wouldn't leave ya'all hanging after talkin' about it all this time. :P



HUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEE and hopefully final (for real) release for all XPORT console based systems planned for somewhere around March 15th.





I have finished the GB/GBC/GBA synopsis as well. Still some tweaking and testing to do, but over 2,500 unique entries right now weighing in at over 2MB!


Last of the major synopsis files to make is now complete. Videos/Artwork complete for most systems now, although I am still upgrading the sets with the help of others.


I also touched up over 300 boxarts for the Atari 2600, NES, Atari Lynx and Atari 7800. No more stickers or beat up boxes. No more signatures on boxes, or other handwritten crap. I've tried to make all of the boxes that I couldn't find good images for look as close to the original artwork to be printed on the boxes as possible. I'm no graphic artist, so I'm sure it could have been done better, but the ones I've fixed look infinitely better than anything I could find online.


I'll update my progress here from time to time as well as my own burrough.


As always ANY HELP IS WELCOME!!!!!!!!!



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Wow man, this will be a massive contribution for the scene. Cheers mate!


I really can't wait till March, my xbox will become better yet again! I am gonna add all the art and vids maybe some new skins (likklebaer skins are my fave so far.) Man the quest for xbox perfection could go on forever! With your help a quantum leap will be made! OH BOY !!!!



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Yo just a thought,

will the resxtras include stuff for mame such as vids, pics, synopsis etc or are you sticking with the home entertainment systems?


I had a quick look but didn't see much MAME related except that coinops link...

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I plan on tackling MAME and FBA after the Xtras releases. I wouldn't expect them by March, but I do plan on making it a whole lot easier for people to get the supporting stuff they need for those systems.


They're both still heavily under development too, so I didn't think that doing it right now would be as valuable as doing them last.




EDIT: Didn't see your first post before. Thanks for the props. I'm hoping that others will build upon the Xtras when I finally hang up my stirrups. :P

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