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RessurectionXtras (Work in Progress, Tons Already Done)


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The real problem with these extras will be the varying screen sizes.

Some sort of standard will have to be reached for displaying horizontal and vertical games.

Even though FBL has a very dynamic skin, when browsing roms the skin jumps back and forth between different views.

While not a major issue i found it quite annoying after a while.

Gonna start work on a basic dynamic skin later this week with the focus on video previews

with artwork only being a secondary consideration.

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I aim to please :rolleyes:



Just finished the Wonderswan Xtras in about a day and a half. After testing the roms, it was determined that only 32 of the working games were really playable for an English speaking audience, so they're the only ones included in the packs. (Unfortunately, the Final Fantasy translations aren't any good, so they didn't make the cut. You can play them on the Game Boy Advance with better sound anyways, so no biggy).


I did the synopsis, collected artwork (boxart for every game, titles, actionshots), and made the 32 videos for it with screen capture software.


Gilles has another beautiful skin for this one and the main song is a great guitar version of the Oprah House song from Final Fantasy III (US). Kinda funny now, since there are no Final Fantasy games included anymore, but the song sounds great and a lot of people likely wouldn't know what the song was anyways.





I still have a bunch of adds to do for the major systems that people have been coming to me with. Mostly hacks and homebrew at this point... I'm going to keep knocking out these smaller systems and get caught up with all these adds I still have to do.



If anybody has any suggestions for game adds not in my spredsheets NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!


We're quickly approaching D-Day :shootem:

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Xtras and synopsis brought up-to-date for Virtual Boy & Pokemon Mini.


I'm about mid-way through the Colecovision upgrade now. It was pretty confusing to figure out which games were really prototypes, but I finally got it down. I'm going to spend a day or two touching up boxarts and then I'll make the few remaining videos.




I'm running out of console/handheld systems to work on. It feels good..... :D

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Ah well...worth a try...


i think maybe if i try for a whole year, renaming screenshots...i might just get a full pack...lol




It's annoying that in the US spectrum wasn't as popular as over here in UK....it means that it nearly always gets overlooked for everything...and it's one of the only emulators i really care about..


Looks like 2010's gonna be a busy year for me....


Launching a business and renaming spectrum screenshots....lol

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