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  1. if i'm not mistaken that's the apple tv skin modded. I like it alot...it's just what i've been wanting to do....bit its the icons i love the most.... Any chance you could make that skin available....with the icons....i don't care if they're a bit jaggy....theyre very nice...lool
  2. I have a guncon for ps2 and recently i've been wondering if getting it to work on the xbox and play nicely with the emulators is a possibility if i convert the plug to usb or something....
  3. so im guessing that means you are not interested in something like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000639KZ...me=&seller= i saw the topic and thought i would be able to help more, sorry. Dude, You might as well get that wireless stick, hack it and put it in a case like the one you want. The board inside that ugly case is probably pretty thin. You'd still need to find the common ground and trace the switches though. Red Nah that thing is shit.....if it was good it would have been heard of....but it's shite so its unknown...lol I want to use something with a reliabl
  4. URGH!!! That thing is ugly.....and the reviews are rather stinky aswell.... I'm looking for something more along the lines of this
  5. Hey you great great people.... Now please don't let this be the 1st time i ask a question on here and leave with no answer... I have an obsession.....I want a professional grade wireless arcade stick for my xbox....However having spent literally the last 3 days....with very little sleep i have yet to find even a mention of anyone putting a wireless xbox pad into an arcade stick..... Wired pads, 360, ps3, literally any other console with a wireless pad has hundreds and hundreds of articles, blog posts and forum entries on building an arcade stick...but the xbox has none....(bar the questi
  6. I'll do my best.... I've got the WoS screenshot pack from the Tosec pack so i'll just work through matching the titles.... If i really go for it i might get it done over 2 days...lol Wishful thinking me thinks....lol
  7. Ah well...worth a try... i think maybe if i try for a whole year, renaming screenshots...i might just get a full pack...lol maybe.. It's annoying that in the US spectrum wasn't as popular as over here in UK....it means that it nearly always gets overlooked for everything...and it's one of the only emulators i really care about.. Looks like 2010's gonna be a busy year for me.... Launching a business and renaming spectrum screenshots....lol
  8. You ought to be able to....I use NDURE softmods so that's what i know works....i can't see why you couldn't get a dual boot working with a TSOP though
  9. If you do boot directly to the emulator you should make sure you have alternative access to a dash or linux. The nature of an xbox being what it is means you may want to update it. The emulators don't give ftp access. Best solution is dual boot just to safeguard yourself.
  10. I cant believe the fact that people still portin things to the xbox... just shos what a great platform it really is...
  11. I don't like those AID discs they are mainly antiquated. My advice is this. Get hold of Krayzees Ndure 1.1 This is the best and safest softmod, You can run it over the one you have already installed and it will work fine... Install this and then in your E:\ drive you will find a dashboard folder. this will have unleash x or evox depending on which dash you choose during the softmod. Move evox/unleashx to the Apps folder Now if you check the contents of your T3CH XBMC download and you will find 3 shortcuts... one has a config and the other is solitary..I forget the name of it.. Take
  12. Hey...excellent work. I've been lurking silently for a while and i have to say. Thank you.. I've found it quite hard getting a working collection of Mame roms without all the crap. It makes such a difference. I've dedicated an xbox to nothing but emulators. This makes playing mame much less of a chore. Is there any chance i can get the new beta to test. I'd be ever so greatful. T
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