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PMed you on xbox scene as your one is disabled here at present.... sb do you have CoinOPS or CoinOPS plus or even arcades or platium 1 or 2 ?



Thanks for the Beta!! I have been using FBA, mameox platinum, mameox 128 but since I found coinops I have been using that all the time. Now I am using coinops GOLD have no plans to use anything else.


I found out of my ROM set I managed to get like 2700 games working with coinops+ and gold which is many many more than before....


I especially liked the inclusion of the DATs as this is what got me going.


Looking forward to finding out how to add screenshots and how to link them to the games in the list!


Coinops is class a total window into a forgotten past, I love finding new games to play but they are so hard!


Discovered a souped up version of Golden Axe 2 that I didn't know existed until last night but it is a bit messed up, the sprites seem to have lost perspective and you get some interesting vertical scrolling anomalies but I guess this is a driver issue and so hopefully may be fixed later on the great emulation journey....


Fanatstic game tho, great characters sizzling effects and bad guys lie around dead as a testament to your violent nature - cool


Is there anything in particular I should look out for during testing? just games that don't work or anything else?


More games tonight..... :D

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Thought it might be handy to put some instructions on how to do stuff in coinops+/gold here:


In Game Controls


Cancel - BACK and START

On screen display - BACK and Right Analog


Toggle Crosshair - BACK and Left Analog


UI Configure - BACK and White button

Pause - BACK and Black button

Reset ROM - BACK, Left and Right


******* Load State - BACK, Right Analog

button, and Left trigger

******* Save State - BACK, Right Analog

button, and Right


Save Screenshot - BACK, A button, and B



This bit is for people googling how to do stuff in coinops ((how to save game savegame screenshot coinops+ coinops gold pause load reset configure toggle)) - (should help people looking for instructions)


Coinops GOLD = class!!!

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