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  1. I admit, I just need to learn Linux - but I didn't know about the M4 macro processor
  2. Tower Toppler, really cool game - source code is released Here Wish I knew how to code... but maybe someone will take this on who knows.
  3. Congrats BP, have been watching & using this emu since the beginning of CoinOPS. Alot of excellent decisions regarding user settings & choices were added by you - making this very user friendly (& customizable). Thanks for your hard work....
  4. Awesome game IMO as well, have to give the Xtra maps a try. Is it just me, or do others have to turn Gamma all the way up? I mean - I know it's a dark game, but I can't see sh*t without turning it all the way up....
  5. BP & others that have helped (stf, fumanchu, hellsfury etc...) What a excellent emulator that has evolved from the beginning days of CoinOPS. Everytime I look through a Beta, I'm amazed at what's been added. Thanks for the 720p support (auto), rapid-fire is awesome, and I love the new default font on the main screen. Outstanding job, can't wait to see the final product.
  6. Regarding screen size.... I'll try & explain what I did. I have component cables, M$dash set to 720, 1080 are enabled. I went into the 'hidden' advanced settings, and enabled 720 there. After playing/exitting a game back to the game menu (Back + Start) my game menu was only in the top left quadrant of the screen. I then tried "Y" to reset screen size to default & everything went to black screen. Had to reload to get the screen back. Did I do something wrong, or is this possibly bug?
  7. So far I've run across no major issues. I love the ability for rotation of side-scrollers also. Can't imagine the coding issues for that . I had one minor issue with aspect ratio, but I think I caused it switching from 4:3 standard tv over to my 16:9 HD. It didn't last - reset itself, but like I said...I think it was me (NOT CoinOPS issue). Great job BP
  8. Probably something most understand - but not I. I'm trying to run/test aqua rush, and I cannot get more than 1/60 fps. I enabled VM & checked the settings against what is in the vm.txt for that game. Can someone help me out on where I'm going wrong. I have a 128 M xbox if that helps.
  9. Thanks alot for your continued work on this BP... by far the best emu on the xbox atm I feel! I like the button adjustment for the side scrollers, much easier for me. Also love the autofire capabilities. P.S. Whatever happened to the CoinOPS Ignite HD startup screen - where the word Ignite was actually on fire? That was an awesome intro screen.
  10. Is there an available link for a full beta? I tried rebuilding a romset with clrmame from my .128 full set - with dat file from beta .xbe. I'm way off with my set as well.... any help appreciated
  11. Agree with Gavin on 720p.... And BP, awesome work, I think the default settings under advanced are well thought out - and are fine the way you have them set. Excellent job, looking forward
  12. Not seeing it at the Usual Place....if anyone might have seen it - drop clues please. NOT asking for links
  13. Yes, this Emu continues to be made better & better. All the work you've done BP - bravo! Looking forward (as always) to the release. Love the flames also - they rock.
  14. I kinda thought you might purposely put a bug into the beta.... I've played several games without problems, but I don't get into the internal game options much (if that's where I might encounter this bug). Also been at the hospital pretty much everyday with an ill mother. Now I'm gonna have to see if I can locate the (on purpose) bug!
  15. LMAO.... No soup for you..you go now!
  16. Clean reinstall, & load times not an issue. Fixeight runs nice, I also think Lode Runner The Dig Fight runs much smoother.
  17. Getting longer load times on most games I've played (have 128M upgrade). Going to try another clean install just to double check. Do the older "-SAVE-" TDATA/UDATA need to be deleted for any reason?
  18. @BP Thanks for keeping this project going, definitely my favorite Emu... Just realized I've been following this on X-S instead of here (lawdawg0931 on X-S). Either way, looking forward to checking out the Gold version. Any help I can give, let me know....
  19. Life came along at me also... Will resume testing tonight. Next couple of days off will help.
  20. People really need to help out with this spreadsheet: Here I'm working on the "G's" right now, but there are alot of roms to check. Everyone was excited about CoinOPS - but where is the help. If everyone just checked out 10 games.... there is bound to be at least 100 using this at the moment. That's 1000 roms right there.... It's the least we can do to show BP our appreciation.
  21. Wow, sound on the Midway games would be great! Glad you understand how to go about that without making them unplayable. As far as your original posts question - I will help you with testing the keymapping of games if you need it. Just PM me or whatever... Thanks BP
  22. I'm totally hooked on this. Awesome work BP
  23. Outstanding, I can now hammer out a game of Robotron without locking it up.....thanks to my Heavy Thumbs! Thanks alot BP!
  24. Sounds like you've done alot since 2nd Quarter! Thanks for fixing the Williams games (& HellsFury for explaining how I was causing that issue). I know there will be no links, & the PM thing kinda got axxed...how can we find 3rd quarter upon release? Is Google my friend
  25. Hey BP, First off thanks again for your work on this. I'm playing retro-games I haven't seen in years. An issue with Robotron (possibly Willliams?) - when playing into the 5th & 6th levels (randomly) it will black screen for a second. Sound continues like in a loop - then screen says "All Roms OK, Ram test to follow". Its locked from there. I tried several of my Xbox's & they all eventually do the same. Any ideas....not complaining at all - just giving you info. Thanks again
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