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  1. I admit, I just need to learn Linux - but I didn't know about the M4 macro processor
  2. Tower Toppler, really cool game - source code is released Here Wish I knew how to code... but maybe someone will take this on who knows.
  3. Congrats BP, have been watching & using this emu since the beginning of CoinOPS. Alot of excellent decisions regarding user settings & choices were added by you - making this very user friendly (& customizable). Thanks for your hard work....
  4. Awesome game IMO as well, have to give the Xtra maps a try. Is it just me, or do others have to turn Gamma all the way up? I mean - I know it's a dark game, but I can't see sh*t without turning it all the way up....
  5. BP & others that have helped (stf, fumanchu, hellsfury etc...) What a excellent emulator that has evolved from the beginning days of CoinOPS. Everytime I look through a Beta, I'm amazed at what's been added. Thanks for the 720p support (auto), rapid-fire is awesome, and I love the new default font on the main screen. Outstanding job, can't wait to see the final product.
  6. Regarding screen size.... I'll try & explain what I did. I have component cables, M$dash set to 720, 1080 are enabled. I went into the 'hidden' advanced settings, and enabled 720 there. After playing/exitting a game back to the game menu (Back + Start) my game menu was only in the top left quadrant of the screen. I then tried "Y" to reset screen size to default & everything went to black screen. Had to reload to get the screen back. Did I do something wrong, or is this possibly bug?
  7. So far I've run across no major issues. I love the ability for rotation of side-scrollers also. Can't imagine the coding issues for that . I had one minor issue with aspect ratio, but I think I caused it switching from 4:3 standard tv over to my 16:9 HD. It didn't last - reset itself, but like I said...I think it was me (NOT CoinOPS issue). Great job BP
  8. Probably something most understand - but not I. I'm trying to run/test aqua rush, and I cannot get more than 1/60 fps. I enabled VM & checked the settings against what is in the vm.txt for that game. Can someone help me out on where I'm going wrong. I have a 128 M xbox if that helps.
  9. Thanks alot for your continued work on this BP... by far the best emu on the xbox atm I feel! I like the button adjustment for the side scrollers, much easier for me. Also love the autofire capabilities. P.S. Whatever happened to the CoinOPS Ignite HD startup screen - where the word Ignite was actually on fire? That was an awesome intro screen.
  10. Is there an available link for a full beta? I tried rebuilding a romset with clrmame from my .128 full set - with dat file from beta .xbe. I'm way off with my set as well.... any help appreciated
  11. Agree with Gavin on 720p.... And BP, awesome work, I think the default settings under advanced are well thought out - and are fine the way you have them set. Excellent job, looking forward
  12. Not seeing it at the Usual Place....if anyone might have seen it - drop clues please. NOT asking for links
  13. Yes, this Emu continues to be made better & better. All the work you've done BP - bravo! Looking forward (as always) to the release. Love the flames also - they rock.
  14. I kinda thought you might purposely put a bug into the beta.... I've played several games without problems, but I don't get into the internal game options much (if that's where I might encounter this bug). Also been at the hospital pretty much everyday with an ill mother. Now I'm gonna have to see if I can locate the (on purpose) bug!
  15. LMAO.... No soup for you..you go now!
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