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Playing together...


Have you played a game (Online or Offline) with another member?  

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Holy hell, I play with myself too. Only I always end in a glorious cheer of Unnnngh.


Tell us more...


What do you mean more? There is no more. You know there is no more. What were you expecting? Flowers to pop out of nowhere singing about how great acid rain is plus Dr. Kavorkian tapdancing? Jebus!

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I play by myself. That way I don't get embarrassed when I loose...

This sounds like you're describing your sex life. ;)


Anyway, I sometimes play online with various systems, but I prefer offline play.

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I played with a lot of people on 1emu. Mostly MAME with GC, solidius23, Mag, K`dash, madi, Mooney, Drake, Don.


As far as real games go, Played a little d2 with cinder, played Star wars with mooney as well as UT2004. Played ut2004 with drake. I think I played gunbound with Weirdy. Also played cod4 a little with rawrthness.


In playing real life, Mostly with gymnist and Rag since they live close and it's easy to meet up with them and play games.


Thats all I could remember atm

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