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I was featured at emu-lmao


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Thank goodness me or my emulation website isn't large enough to get noticed by these losers yet. :D


Anyone know who is in charge of that website, has he/she been seen on other emulation forums including this one. I would of thought they might of listed something about me or my site seeing as how Hard Core Rikki is an Administrator on my website and he was their news piece for a while. :)

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I think it might be the one called Jack Stevens... but i'm nowhere near sure about that.


The site is a blight on the scene, the guy thinks he knows stuff, why doesn't he volunteer to post news somewhere, and see what it's like.

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what exactly is the point of the guys site?

i just had a really quick look and thought this is $hit.


I'll take a guess and say he was a former member at some emulation forums which got banned and in a pissy rampage decided to view all the major emulation networks, nitpick everything out and make a mockery of it's members.


I'm willing to bet the site resides on free hosting since it is using a .tk redirect domain and is actually of quite poor taste. The guy/gal has to be a total n00b in webmastering and site design. I'm willing to bet if the site has a forum, it has relatively few members which consist of the owner and probably his friends/crew.

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Not to mention the whole site looks like it's been inactive for over a month, the forum area has been spammed by numerous porn bots among other bots.

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Or make a post that's perfectly OK but that the person behind that site doesn't understand, this has occurred in the past several times (note I haven't looked at the one JKKDARK mentioned at the start of this so it may fall into that category, if so disregard this)

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