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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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Thank you N3oGhost, GameCop and everyone else involved in making kawa-x plus, and sharing it with everyone else. Saved me time so that i didnt have to edit the xbe myself, and focus more on playing the *previously* unsupported roms <_<. I never thought I would be able to play rotd on my xbox. Kawa-x plus is da bomb!

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just to let you ppl know about the jap svc for ps2, its ugly ass as hell :) Ryo looks like a bunch of blocks lol

one thing it does have that the rom didn't tho was Mai's boobs bounce during a fight, its a minor thing but i would love to see it in my rom playing it on kawa-x :)

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Just in case that no else knew about this or not cuz i had a guy driving me nutz about it, Don't Change The Rompath.ini :(


Its a bug that wasn't fixed yet on kawa-x v11 so make sure you leave it alone and put your roms in the roms folder

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For the New Year :lol:, I 'm going to make a post on newsgroup tonight of Kawa-X SE and all the roms as they are set for the current version (my rotd rom will have s1 rom in it but as you know its not being used at the moment)
i'll be posting in the following places:


when you grab it all you need to do is extract it and add it to your hdd as another emu cuz Kawa-X SE is not meant to replace the Kawa-x v11 but to be as other emu to be used for new games :lol:

I'll also be posting the rom pics for ppl who got the emu but want to make sure they got the right rom names and crc's

Look for: Happy New Year, Heres Kawa-X SE (thx to Mr. X) + Banned Roms Edited by Prican25
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