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SvC Plus on Kawa-X (xbox emu)


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tried out CTHD2003 using the neoragex rom and it runs with Kof99p driver but seems to have a bg music problem. Character voices and sound effects seem to be correct but background music seems off.


the NeorageX romset did not include a m1 and m1d.bin


only and m1, and 4 v roms.....


no time to test out other things tonight (thinkin about using the m1 and m1d from kof2k1 and hex it into the default.


but i dont know.....just playing around with this one since its not really a true neo-geo game.


just bored while i wait for ssv and mslug5.....heh

To avoid sound problems with CTHD2003 if you use KoF '99 prototype, you must edit default.xbe to change V4 rom size (2 Mb in 4 Mb) & change rom region for sound.

Good eye, i didnt even notice the V4 is only 2mb for kof99 sets..Making the changes now.

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for those of you in need of the patch and/or rom for CTHD 2003, i'm making a post on newsgroup in alt.binaries.cd.image.xbox, alt.binaries.emulators.misc, and alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo


look for Croching Tiger Hidden Dragon Rom + Patch For Kawa-X Plus Thx to N3oGh0zt and Gouki:) for Helping



for those of you that already have the rom, i can send you the patch N3oGh0zt made untill gamecop can post it on his site.

also important, you must have already patched the default.xbe of kawa-x plus with the mslug4 patch thats already out before using this patch

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CTHD 2003

You must use the following CTHD2003, it's the one for NRX :


System: NEO

RomName: cthd2003

Game: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003

Parent: kof2001





























CartridgeID: 5003

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0

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Edit : I'm OK with N3oGHOST to put it on the same site.


Gouki - FYI the update will probably happen tomorrow since i think Gamecop went to sleep for the night.


For the rest of you: ***the CTHD patch will be the last official update to Kawa-X Plus and any future developments/patches,etc will be applied to the Gouki version.




Well Gouki put a lot of time and work into creating the most simplistic version of a "hexed" kawa-x anywhere. What youve been used to doing such as renaming the internal roms to match the host/clone romset, renaming the zip for compatibility to kawa-x plus.........will no longer be necessary! All you will need to do is have the correct rom downloaded which have been listed in earlier posts. This ".dat" will also be provided with the download (ill make sure of this).


so basically you download svcbl.zip (svc bootleg)..........you send to your roms folder as-is.....and play........




no work on your part....the works been pushed to people like Gouki and myself that will update the default.xbe for future games.


NOTE***: Even this version does not allow full compatibility with ALL roms...the games still take the place of a host.......just no renaming on your part, keep the rom as the emulation standard has them available.


Games Supported:

Kof2k2nd - King of Fighters 2002 (decrypted : fully decrypted)

svcbl - SNK vs Capcom : SVC Chaos (bootleg)

svcplus -SNK vs Capcom : SVC Chaos Plus

Pim - Power Instinct Matrimelee

rotdn - Rage of The Dragons (predecrypted : decrypted C & V)

mslug4n - Metal Slug 4 (predecrypted : decrypted C & V)

cthd2k3 - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003


keep an eye out.

Edited by Gouki :)
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New KawaX Site By: Gouki :D.. will include a brand new easy fix!

I don't want to enter in a kind of competition of modified Kawa-X site. That's why, I don't want to make personally another modified Kawa-X site. I prefer : the modified default.xbe without renaming on the same site, this one of N3oGHOST, if he wants.

I dont see your update as competition at all man. I do see it as the next evolution in kawa-x hexing. I completely endorse your default.xbe and methodology for the rom conventions, etc.


I would like eventually for everyone to switch over to your version to be honest. Its simple and requires virtually no work for the end-user provided they have the correct romset.


You put a lot of work into it Gouki and it deserves respect.


Good work bro.



I dont mind if its included on the kawa-X plus site.



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